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Week Long Gems of War Stream

Hello everyone! This week I am going to be streaming Gems of War for a full week. Come hang out if you have some free time. :slight_smile: Goal is to reach global rank 1 and to hopefully be able to afford a new mic.

The streams will take place during these general times in EST:

July 11th: 5 am - 10 pm
July 12th-16th: 9 am - 9 pm
July 17th: 9 am until the event switch


I will be handing out 10 redeem codes during this week along event. It will be 1 per day and 3 others that will be used to occasionally refresh the code.

I did a practice stream today. Aside from me double checking the audio levels and the such a bunch, this is generally what the stream would be like:

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I already know you will be there every second of it, lol. Stalker… Kappa

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5 AM?! You get up earlier than me, and I typically wake up when Celestia raises the sun!

I am actually getting up around 2 am. Eating, showering, and the such at 2 am. 3am to do the new event video. Then that will bring it to about 5 am for when it all starts.

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VERY Nice! I’ll be sure to check in a few times during your stream.

I do have a minor suggestion, your web cam image border is common, make it MYTHIC.

but it is… :eyes:

Yeah, while in battle the edges teal. I’m talking Full On fancy pants, Dragon on the right, spines on the left. :slight_smile:

@Tacet hope you plan on playing more than tat to beat dhjl :stuck_out_tongue:

you going to play 1500 games of just sooth/valk doublemab? :smiley:

probably 2000 atleast lol

Day 1 of the week long stream is starting in a few minutes. It will be going for over 12 hours with about an hour break in between. Come say hi if you have some free time. ^_^


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Good luck! So Tacet, you work full-time for gow or having the week off?

I’ve heard a rumor, don’t know for sure if it’s true or not, that dhjl is taking time off this week. If it’s true, you’ve got a legitimate shot at number one, @Tacet. Go for it!

I wish they paid me for what I do. It would help a lot. xD

They support the channel with things like redeem codes, advertising, and the such, but at the end of the day I am doing it for free. The only money I get is the pennies from YouTube videos, which is around $30 total since I started the channel. The only other money I have made from it is generous donations from some of my supporters such as $50 from Kevin6282000, $50 from ssaszix, and $5 from someone who wanted to remain anonymous.

I am still transitioning a bit with the move I just did last week. I am current’y unemployed and probably will be for about another 2 months. I will still always be creating content for GoW for free, but that of course doesn’t change the fact that I need money to survive. xD

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Hello everyone! Day 2 of my week long stream shall be starting in a couple minutes and will be continuing for about 12 hours aside from a quick dinner break in between. Come chill and talk about the upcoming 2.0.1 or the game in general if you want. ^_^


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thanks for your answer @Tacet best of luck to you.

Do @Tacet a solid.
Jump over to his stream and give him a like :slight_smile:

I tuned in earlier for a bit, and I’ve gotta say, I’m impressed. You’ve got actual production values, alongside useful, meaningful insight into the game!

Keep it up, @Tacet!


Hello everyone! Day 3 is upon us. Yesterday we talked a bunch about 2.0.1 and claimed global rank 1 for the first time. Today we will be crushing the current meta before 2.0.1 destroys it relentlessly. :p