Gems of Streaming

From the post I see below it will be significant reduction of daily/weekly gains. Daily tasks are not even closely replaced by Adventure Tasks and weekly events will disappear without any replacement. Very sad and cheap change to the game. It is definitely a way how to loose some players.

Maybe they want to lose players on purpose?
You know, server load, etc. I hope that’s not the case.

The issue with the old Event weapons is 100 times more important than this.

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I say a few of us find a coder and a graphic artist and make a better game
“Jewels of Battle”

This was an extremely hot topic on beta.

The change is not a nerf to the amount of rewards, but rather the the timing of those rewards.

Currently, in the weekly event, there are fixed rewards at fixed event point values. Players can earn those rewards at whatever pace they want, as long as they are obtained before the weekly event ended. That goes away, with the update. In it’s place, is a system where rewards are randomly rolled in random amounts per day. Over the long run, the rewards are going to be similar in amount to the combination of (weekly tasks + daily tasks) as they are now. However, and big however, is that the timing of when a player receives those rewards is no longer in their control. Further, the volatility of when those rewards are received is huge because the player does not know when those rewards are going to be received and the amount of awards potentially given in a single reward can be huge. Personally, I’ve seen a 100 gem daily task (it was Legendary) so far, and the devs have teased that there will be Mythic-tier tasks rollable when the patch goes live.

So, for example, right now, a player could receive in gems via tasks in 4.3 (by day):

All numbers made up for illustration purposes only, using gems only as an example because its the simplest prize to explain (gem values of keys and other prizes complicates the math more than is needed to illustrate the point).

10 + 10 + 10 + 25 + 10 + 10 + 75 = 150 gems

Whereas in 4.4, gem payouts might look like:

5 + 25 + 0 + 0 + 100 + 0 + 20 = 150 gems.

That said, because of the randomess of the rolls, 150 gems would be an expected value. In reality, players might range between 100 - 200 gems because of RNG, with even more extreme results in either direction possible.

Yes, there will be dry runs of days (sometimes multiple in a row) where few or no gems are rolled. It’s a feature of how the reward system is designed to compensate for some of the higher tier prizes (think: orbs of growth offsetting orbs of ascension).

Players will have to log in daily to check the adventure board daily for rewards, because who knows when a given day will have the lion’s share of rewards offered that week and if missed will be forever gone. It’s the same logic that will be used in the flash offer calendar.


Even if the gems equal out eventually, what about gem keys/event keys? With daily tasks if you were unlucky to not get a gem task you quite often got a gem key/glory key task instead. Now you get pitiful amounts of gold/souls/minor traitstones.

And losing the event keys from snotstone events is a huge deal especially seeing as how precious event keys are now.

I feel like a broken record!

We are currently working on a system to get older weapons. We are actively prioritising it. However, our updates are organised well in advance, and we don’t have control over everything that goes into them.

In regards to the resources gained via the adventure board, over time gems even out to be the same amount as those received before. On stream I had mine reset, but earlier in the day when I was testing I did have tasks that had gems as rewards, and they were more than you would get in the old system.

Yeah, I’m sure Salty will take questions.

I’ve actually asked about PQ3 before during the Gems of War stream, and they just said there’s no plans for a 3rd one currently.

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What I get out of your explanation is:

Today, if I have a busy week, it’s OK because I can still take advantage of my one free day and grind out all my rewards.

In 4.4, I’m going to lose out because if I’m not grinding daily adventure board tasks I’m missing rewards.

Two thumbs down. Good thing I’ve got about 6 Switch games planned over the course of the next two quarters.


Ultimately all I want to know is why? What was wrong with daily tasks or the snotstone event? Why get rid of them and change it to this new “adventure board” thing? I feel they are changing things only for the sake of…changing things.


@Dorgath @Voq I’m always happy to field questions, but we don’t have anything announce regarding a potential PQ 3. It’s something we’d like to do, but we have our hands pretty full atm.

Why don’t you show of some SS of gem rewards so people won’t be as upset? or just allow beta testers to do it


It seems like they want everything in the game to be the same. Fight the same battle over and over again with the ai increasing stats each time. I really hope they leave the arena alone but I can see it becoming the same as every other mode in the game with each battle my stats staying the same while the ai gets more and more until every battle takes 5 minutes.

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Our next Puzzle Quest stream is tomorrow! I can’t wait to see you there!~

I will watch it when it will say: Puzzle Quest Remastered/Enhanced/Reworked. :slight_smile:

If you could only do at least two things:

  • officially support the DLC that was never released on PC (Revenge of the Plague Lord)
  • added a native 16:9 resolution (1920x1080) or more, so that the screen is not stretched

Thanks @Voq and @Saltypatra. I’ll relay the info to KGB and other PQ vets on the I2 forums; I’m sure they’ll be disappointed in hearing no PQ3 news as someone always pops in every so often to ask (and even Warlords V), but they may get a kick out of watching the stream for nostalgia :slight_smile:

Using the new flash calendar to sell one or two of the most wanted old weapons might calm the masses in the meantime…

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Especially if there is a long delay between the flash offer and the eventual system for getting old weapons. If people spend real money on the weapons a week before they become available for in-game currency, there will be words. If it’s months, there is less regret.

Puzzle Quest stream today!!! Please join me to watch me play badly and voice act (also badly).

Special guest: Me!

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I’m so glad you joined us @PowerPlay!