Update 4.4 in screenshots

Wait, are we getting more Gem sinks, while the Gem income will stay the same or slightly diminished?!

if you talk about the epic, legendary and mythics battle, yes but you are not forced to use it.

I’m really hoping that the new task system maintains the average amount of raw Gems we’re able to earn from these sources currently, even if it’s behind “mythic tasks”, and that we didn’t just see the upcoming implementation of another Gem nerf.


Cadence of Hyrule came out yesterday and it’s really fun!

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Thanks for the heads up

If they replace dailies and weeklies with the adventure board that won’t yield gems, we’re at a loss of roughly 250 gems each week. :frowning:

Edit/ We’re not loosing them, we’re just not earning them.

The average Gem yield from the Adventure Board is expected to be the same as what it’s replacing.

Gem yield is also expected to be more clustered, favouring daily players over more irregular ones (although we obviously won’t know exactly what it looks like until it releases).

^ Lyrian’s full post describes it really well.


As I said elsewhere, I’m reserving final judgement on the economy angle until after the patch.

Though we have been burned by this in the past, this time it is clearly stated “gems” will be the same and not “gem value”. My expectation is, then, is by the end of a month or two, I should be showing a clear trend toward upward of (an extremely lowball) 200 raw gems per week average (especially being able to sample from four accounts), and not have tasks that hand out souls/gold/chaos shards/traitstones/(ingots/orbs/diamonds/jewels/whatever filler they can put in)/ or even keys that can be bought directly with gems be attributed to this as “gem value”.

I would also hope, even though it hasn’t clearly been stated, that collection building resources available from these tasks remain somewhat constant as well (gem keys, glory keys, event keys, raw glory, even if they may be shifted around) and that souls and gold are significantly buffed (these are so terrible in the current system that they have a greater opportunity cost than any potential rewards for nearly all of them, at nearly all levels of play, which makes the tasks both useless and annoying to even exist), and that any new things are just potential extras (not really all that hype for chaos shards otherwise, as they have significantly less value than any other key or collection building resource on any account that has already set up a single farming delve, and the task previewed that gave them as rewards seems to be aimed at midgame/endgamers who have long since passed this point).

I really hope available task data is mineable when it goes live so I can extrapolate some kind of model before the system is months old, though. Based on what I’ve seen, at least the first few days, maybe even weeks, are going to be rough with complaints of people crying nerf no matter what (wheres my gems, I didn’t get any gem tasks, put my gems back, etc.), and I just want information to know if those complaints are justified or not as quickly as possible and at least attempt to lend a credible voice to either side the issue, if necessary. We all know that any RNG based system invites a lot of people believing something is broken even when it isn’t, but we also know just how possible it is for them to roll out a system that doesn’t quite work as intended, and it tends to take a while to implement fixes for things that don’t work as intended, let alone feedback for things that could be improved, particularly if we have to prove it doesn’t work as intended first, which is, of course, really hard for RNG based systems.


How does one upgrade troops to level 10 if they already start at level 10?

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I did not see Treasure Hunt, Arena or Soul Forge in the ‘Choose a game’ screen.

If your troops are already at lv 10 then you only need to upgrade any troop at any lv and if every troop are maxed you shouldn’t see this task appear

It was there, they scrolled screen on the right so the first game mode aren’t visible

We not losing them, the task will rotate. When salty did the stream the 3 tasks were for souls chaos shards and gold.

But yesterday they posted another ss showing another 3 task and you can see gems for commun task

So is the top task (win 3 challenges in ss above) only 1 per day or repeatable? If only 1 per day does it refresh itself daily if I don’t do it?

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i would also like to know this!

I thought about what I do know in Discord the other day and I think it’s too complicated to call. (I focused on gems directly).

What I think has been quoted is there’s a “100 enemies for 20 gems” task every day. That’s 140 gems/week, which is less than some events give out. That’s also 700 enemies/week, which is more than some events require.

But the current weekly missions tend to have conditions like “blue troops” or “in PvP only”, whereas (unconfirmed) these seem to be “in any mode”. So it’s also less work.

So I can’t tell if we’re getting fewer gems on average, or if it’s small enough to compensate for that. And if I’m routinely getting things like Event Keys or epic ingots, maybe it balances out.

I think all it’s safe to say is “rewards are going to be different” and “we’ll have even more daily chores”.

The top task is persistent until completed.

The bottom 3 tasks unconditionally refresh daily.


There’s no real way of knowing until the final system launches and anecdotal expected values are calculated. Gem value is going to be tossed around a lot, as the 20 gems per day is the common persistent task reward. Rarer persistent rewards are likely to yield things other than gems.

Also, there’s the new confounding factor of variance in rewards from the daily tasks. They are consistent in the long run… over a bell curve. Explaining to people that their gem value income over a given period of time is subject to random normal variance across a bell curve is going to be headache inducing.

How do I find the new login calendar screen? (The first screenshot in op)

I think it only pop up first time you log in after reset