Update 4.4 in screenshots

Hi everyone, this is my traditionnal thread about the new incoming update. Sorry for the delay but better late than never :stuck_out_tongue:

So witthout waiting more let’s start!!

First they showed the new daily login calendar, now everything is on the same page, you can see the daily login bonus, monthly bonus, your Honor level and “returned player” which is for special event, new player or returning player etc…

You also can see your current pvp tier, your VIP bonus, the number of ingots you get for you delves and your guild rank

Daily Tasks been revamped and now it’s called “Adventure board” , which is splitted in 3 category (if you wondering, yeah it mean no more snotstones event, everything is replaced by adventure quests)

  • rare (gold)
  • ultra rare (souls)
  • Legendary (chaos shards)

Little suggestion, maybe add mythic task for gems???


There is some examples of task for each difficulty ( each rarity got 3 or 4 tasks to complete and each one is higher than the other)


you also can find the “Adventure Board” in the game menu

In the troops menu , when you building a new team, the change name button been replaced by “manage team” button and when you click on it, you can

suggest team: when you click on the button you will get 3 team selection made by the algorythm, each one base on particular effect(High damage, spell team, etc…) if you don’t like the 3 choices you can click on the refrech button and it will give you 3 more choices, just keep refreshing untill you find a team you like

When you pick one of the team you will get another window showing you the team and the banner suggestion, you can decide to cancel it or just click the paste button, then your team is made!!

Also in the manage team menu you can see the code of the team so it will be easier to copy and paste in the discord guild chat or in the forum.

Share team in Global

When you click share in global people will be able to see your team and your hero perks so they can click on it and copy then paste in their troop menu and will get the same settings.

very cool stuff and probably the best feature in this update imo…

of course you will need to get all the troops and the traits, perks to get the exact same team.
in the case you are missing a troop or perk, you will only get the one you already have unlocked in your team.

*** note you can set a filter before clicking on the suggest team, and the algorythm will use it to create your teams.

Also if you want to use the hero, you will need to pick him and choose the classe and perks before clicking on the suggest button and then get 3 team choices, this is because there is so many way to use the hero, weapon and perks and the algorythm just wont suggest you the weapon in your teams

The algorythm will also suggest you the troop you already have so if you are very picky and select 2 color and a troop type and click on the suggest button, you might see team suggestions with multiple troops inside

If you are in any events with pre-setled filter, like delve,invasion,guild wars etc… you can also use the suggest button and it will create a team depending of the filters


Troops are now divised in 9 category (role)

  • Assassin (one shot kill)
  • Defender(tank)
  • Generator (generate mana)
  • Mage
  • Striker (heavy damage, mostly single target)
  • Support (heal, cleanse)
  • Warlock
  • Warmaster (carring allies or create skull, like garnok)
  • Warrior (between tank and damage dealer)

New filter been added for the role

When you select a troop you will see a small logo on the button of the card and it represent the role, in this case it was gorgotha, we can see he is a Defender, they are aware he can also be a generator but there is no multi role for the moment

Invasion, TOD and Raid boss changes

if you having trouble to finish an event you will now be able to selec between 4 mode that will boost your stats

  • normal battle (no boost)
  • Epic battle (50% stats boost)
  • Legendary battle (100% stats boost)
  • Mythical battle (200% stats boost)

The first time will be free then it will cost you more sigils depending of the mode you pick

Next time will cost you more sigils to get the boosts
*** note: the cost is added to the regular price for 1 battle, example ( mythical battle cost 4 extra sigils)
so it mean 4 +1 for the usual cost so a total of 5 for a mythical battle

  • normal (cost 0 extra sigils for total of 1)
  • epic battle ( 1 extra sigils for total of 2)
  • Legendary ( 2 extra sigisl for total of 3)
  • Mythical battle ( 4 extra sigils for total of 5)

Chest: now we can click on the little ? on the left corner and see the drop odds for each raririty troop and ressources,

***note: the guild chest % will increase depending of the level reached when you open chests

Capture%20d%E2%80%99%C3%A9cran%20(84) Capture%20d%E2%80%99%C3%A9cran%20(85) Capture%20d%E2%80%99%C3%A9cran%20(86)

Boosted troops now show up on the right corner when you select a troop boosted by gold,health,armor etc

And it’s over, i hope you enjoyed reading about the new 4.4 update for the people who can’t or just don’t have the time to watch the 1h30 stream. Feel free to leave comments about what you like or dislike about the new update and maybe make some suggestion


excellent post. i never watch the streams so these types of posts are very valuable to me. i always hated daily tasks and largely just ignored them unless they were something super easy like upgrade a troop or something i could complete passively like make 100 4/5 gem matches. so i welcome the new adventure board changes.


im glad you enjoyed the post, ty for the reply
about the daily task, i was doing the one rewarding gems and skipped the other, especially the one asking me to do 5 treasure maps :slight_smile:

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yeah the other day i tried to do the treasure maps one by entering and exiting the treasure map battle. once i saw that that wouldnt get me any credit for the task, i just skipped it :/. aint nobody got time for that garbage.


For what it’s worth, I saw a screenshot of one of the mythic adventure quests in the beta test. I believe it is sufficiently mythic to make players excited.


one question. from the screenshots, it isnt apparent what the adventure board is actually asking you to do. it just says the difficulty, team score xxxx, and the reward. can anyone elaborate?

If you look at the first ss it’s in the top middle when you select a difficulty

This one was upgrade 3 troops to level 10


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oh interesting. ok thanks. is that related to the stuff directly below it? the part that says daily adventures. because im just not sure what the team score and difficulty stated in the following SSs have anything to do with updrading troops to lvl 10 as was the example given above.

Just win the battle to get the rewards. It’s like pet rescue when you win the battle you get the reward and it unlocks the next battle which looks to be the same but with the ai stats increasing like raids, invasions, bounty, pet rescues, faction events, delves, ToD and class events.

gotcha. very cool thanks for the clarification!

We’re losing daily tasks and event tasks, two of the main gem sources outside of tribute and guild tasks. Ouch!

They’re replacing it with gold (how is it better than PvP?), souls (I already have almost 13 million more than I need), and chaos shards. At least it’ll save me time and I’ll get some chaos shards, which I can also get from daily delves.

The one bright spot is it will save me time every day. I’m going to miss daily tasks and event tasks a lot. I hope this one is a ways off.

Are these stat boosts going to replace potions, or are they in addition to potions is my last concern?

Boosting via consuming extra sigils per fight to enable Epic (or higher) battle bonuses stacks on top of potions.

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Wait, are we getting more Gem sinks, while the Gem income will stay the same or slightly diminished?!

if you talk about the epic, legendary and mythics battle, yes but you are not forced to use it.

I’m really hoping that the new task system maintains the average amount of raw Gems we’re able to earn from these sources currently, even if it’s behind “mythic tasks”, and that we didn’t just see the upcoming implementation of another Gem nerf.


Cadence of Hyrule came out yesterday and it’s really fun!

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Thanks for the heads up

If they replace dailies and weeklies with the adventure board that won’t yield gems, we’re at a loss of roughly 250 gems each week. :frowning:

Edit/ We’re not loosing them, we’re just not earning them.

The average Gem yield from the Adventure Board is expected to be the same as what it’s replacing.

Gem yield is also expected to be more clustered, favouring daily players over more irregular ones (although we obviously won’t know exactly what it looks like until it releases).

^ Lyrian’s full post describes it really well.


As I said elsewhere, I’m reserving final judgement on the economy angle until after the patch.

Though we have been burned by this in the past, this time it is clearly stated “gems” will be the same and not “gem value”. My expectation is, then, is by the end of a month or two, I should be showing a clear trend toward upward of (an extremely lowball) 200 raw gems per week average (especially being able to sample from four accounts), and not have tasks that hand out souls/gold/chaos shards/traitstones/(ingots/orbs/diamonds/jewels/whatever filler they can put in)/ or even keys that can be bought directly with gems be attributed to this as “gem value”.

I would also hope, even though it hasn’t clearly been stated, that collection building resources available from these tasks remain somewhat constant as well (gem keys, glory keys, event keys, raw glory, even if they may be shifted around) and that souls and gold are significantly buffed (these are so terrible in the current system that they have a greater opportunity cost than any potential rewards for nearly all of them, at nearly all levels of play, which makes the tasks both useless and annoying to even exist), and that any new things are just potential extras (not really all that hype for chaos shards otherwise, as they have significantly less value than any other key or collection building resource on any account that has already set up a single farming delve, and the task previewed that gave them as rewards seems to be aimed at midgame/endgamers who have long since passed this point).

I really hope available task data is mineable when it goes live so I can extrapolate some kind of model before the system is months old, though. Based on what I’ve seen, at least the first few days, maybe even weeks, are going to be rough with complaints of people crying nerf no matter what (wheres my gems, I didn’t get any gem tasks, put my gems back, etc.), and I just want information to know if those complaints are justified or not as quickly as possible and at least attempt to lend a credible voice to either side the issue, if necessary. We all know that any RNG based system invites a lot of people believing something is broken even when it isn’t, but we also know just how possible it is for them to roll out a system that doesn’t quite work as intended, and it tends to take a while to implement fixes for things that don’t work as intended, let alone feedback for things that could be improved, particularly if we have to prove it doesn’t work as intended first, which is, of course, really hard for RNG based systems.