Implement The Weekly Challenge/Task - Guild Related Event Only

The Weekly Challenge/Task:

I have an idea how to make people more passionate about Gems of War.
We all mostly hate randomness in this game, but there should be at least one option to remedy this.
Yes, I am talking about the Chaos Orb. Instead of Chaos Orb, you would get an Orb of your choice.

Now you will have a reason to not only do all the tasks for your Guild, but for YOURSELF as well.
You will get the reward, guaranteed - 100%. A task WORTHY of a GOD.
You can plan what to get, and select what your HEART desires the most.
if you’re DEVOTED, you’re REWARDED with a GUARANTEED REWARD of your own CHOICE.
Harder that it gets, more rewarded you get, and with a SMILE on your face, NO FRUSTRATION.

This task can only be accomplished if you’re in a Guild.
This task has nothing to do with the Guild requirements that are posted for each Guild by your CEO.
This task will keep you happy during the whole week. it’s called The Weekly Challenge/Task.

THE WEEKLY CHALLENGE/TASK: (3 difficulty curves - better rewards)
Difficulty - Easy: 100k Gold, 150 Trophies, 500 Guild Seals
Difficulty - Medium: 500k Gold, 300 Trophies, 1000 Guild Seals
Difficulty - Hard: 2M Gold, 600 Trophies, 1500 Guild Seals

You unlock the Orb rewards in the following order:
Easy difficulty - The Green Orb (Orb of Growth)
Medium difficulty - The Orange Orb (Orb of Wisdom)
Hard difficulty - The Blue Orb (Orb of Ascension)

Summary of the Interface:
It’s pretty much very similar to the existing Daily Task screen.
The Weekly Task consist of three difficulty stages.
After you finish each requirement, difficulty or stage, you progress to the next one.
The guaranteed Orb reward is presented after you unlock the Easy Task reward to claim it.
You can claim your reward early on, but by doing so, you will conclude the Weekly Event.

If you have already unlocked all three difficulty levels for Orb rewards, you can only choose one!
You can only complete this task once a week! It starts on Monday and it ends on Sunday.



Make me happy, present this to your supervisors. :slight_smile:

Please* :grinning:


I should have said, make me very happy. Dopamine levels would go off the charts. :smile:

Good Idea. Having rewards that are not based on guild participation each week is where the game has been slow to expand in the past. I think this would be a great way to keep those in smaller guilds motivated to max out each week and not have the rest of the guild effect that outcome.

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What if I am my supervisor? :wink:

I will pass on the idea.


I like the idea obviously, but those numbers seem pretty easy for an ascension orb as the prize. Im actually suprised theres no pop up deal yet for “1 major orb of ascension for $199.99, a $400 value!”

If you got the power to implement this, please, do so soon. Hopefully, this year. :slightly_smiling_face:

I want to clarify a few things as well. I firmly believe suggestion is actually quite important for the game.

I took into consideration many things, including all the benefits and possible downsides.

Players hope that you will accept this suggestion, skeptics heavily doubt that it will even be considered. I think that you have a big opportunity here. Don’t squander it.

Through sheer persistence, will, and effort, I believe that this change will benefit the game overall, without impacting the game’s economy in a negative way, but rather positive as it will help retain (passionate) players who will feel much less frustrated than they are now.

The concern about the Zuul’Goth troop is overrated at best.
I believe that the majority of people will focus on Kingdom Stars than on a single troop card.

Beginners will not complain so much, as they will have a goal in front of them, Veterans will try to take every advantage there is, and by doing so, keep the game more popular and competitive, less likely to leave it out of boredom or exhaustion later on.

In the end, this may increase popularity and longevity of this game, and even spending to show appreciation towards such implementation.

That’s all. :wink:

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I actually really like this idea! It gives another carrot incentive, especially for players who have progressed out of the early-game phase. I have found the further I have progressed in the game, the less interested I have become in the “daily tasks” given that the gems are really the most useful reward for them. If there was a way to tie in the daily task completions into a weekly reward like this, I think it could have the double bonus of generating renewed interest in the daily tasks.

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I agree.

I would take this event over monthly calendar that gives you one random Chaos Orb any day.

Hopefully, the monthly calendar reward can stay like it is, but I am just saying that if there would be a demand or necessity to remove something, to make a compromise, good example is the Arena XP that we no longer get for leveling the classes, that would still be fine with me.

And what’s even better, this would be the only event when the Orb would NOT be random, but based on your effort/activity, you could take the one you want.

This alone would raise the reputation of the game in a positive way for sure!

@Koromac, I was reading through your latest post there and something struck me as a possible issue with this plan. Currently there are 4 lesser orbs (and this weely reward would kind of have to be lesser ones because greaters have too much game impact for what we are talking about) and of those 4, only 3 are really usable because lesser life orbs only really shine in saving soul cost for troop lvl 19 and 20. In particular I could see people abusing specifically the ascension and clan orbs to shortcut doing grindy content, thus cheapening the experience. I think if maybe they do a limited rotation so that players aren’t choosing the same orbs to skip certain content each week, that would be better. I still think this is an awesome idea :slight_smile:

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If you read my initial post again, you will see that I never mentioned any Major Orbs, only Orbs, which implies that I had regular or lesser Orbs in mind.

Major/Greater Orbs would be too much, I definitely agree on this.

To ease some possible concerns: (if my math is correct)
You would still need 192 weeks or approx. 3 years and 7 months to craft one Mythic troop - Zuul’Goth.
Sorry, if my math failed me here. I didn’t really check to be sure.

I thought about the Clan/Purple Orb instead of the Blue/Ascension Orb.

One example that I had in mind earlier before posting the original one above:
THE WEEKLY CHALLENGE/TASK: (4 difficulty curves - better rewards)
Difficulty - Easy: 100k Gold, 150 Trophies, 500 Guild Seals (Orb of Growth)
Difficulty - Medium: 500k Gold, 300 Trophies, 1000 Guild Seals (Orb of Wisdom)
Difficulty - Hard: 2M Gold, 600 Trophies, 1500 Guild Seals (Orb of Ascension)
Difficulty - Elite: 2M Gold, 1000 Trophies, 1500 Guild Seals (Orb of Clans)

As you can see with this system, the emphasis is on the last Orb - (Orb of Clans) and Trophies.
The other possibility is that the rewards for the Hard and Elite difficulty are switched.

To further elaborate on some things:
I was also thinking about the Monthly cap limit to avoid abusing the Orb system all over again.

This system should only come in place as a last resort. However, if this suggestion would not be considered just because it’s “too friendly”, there could the fail-safe in place.

Example: (Monthly Limit Cap - Last Resort Restriction - LRR :thinking:)
If you had already grabbed the Orb of your choice, let’s say the Orb of Ascension on your first week, then you would still get the option to finish the same task, but instead of a guaranteed reward, you would get a regular Chaos Orb.
This means that you would no longer get a guaranteed reward, only a CHANCE that you may get it.
So, you would only get a GUARANTEED Orb of you choice ONCE A MONTH, while still have the slight possibility that you may get LUCKY enough to get the Orb you wanted again.
This is the only effective system that prevents abuse/stockpiling of guaranteed rewards.
If there are four difficulty curves/rewards, then you can always pick a different reward each week.

So, after four weeks or one month this restriction would be lifted again.

Percentage chances should still be the same as the ones you get from the Chaos Orb, unaltered when you claim the regular/lesser Chaos Orb.

In one way or the other, I have given the Developers quite an explanation here.
Seize this opportunity, consider all the feedback, and take a Leap Of Faith. :innocent:

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get rid of GW and put this in instead or some variation of this.