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Frozen working correctly with Bone Dragon

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
It was down to Sheggra and my fully traited Bone Dragon. Sheggra was frozen and cast his spell and then took multiple turns. So is frozen working correctly?

Frozen is working correctly, but multiple gem or skull matches at once sometimes ignores frozen.

Sheggra is brown/red, so if sheggra is frozen but matches 4 green, blue, yellow or purple they get another turn.

Sorry should of been more specific, skulls. He had his initial blast and then matched more skulls .

Thanks Tacet, that’s what I was wondering

Can you explain how this is “working correctly”? I don’t follow.

Well, there is no way of knowing for sure if it is or is not working correctly. Currently, it seems to block 1 extra turn of each type. If a green/purple in the first slot like Boar Rider matches 4x green, 5x purple, and 4x skulls all at once with his ability, he will not get an extra turn. This is because each instance is blocked once. If a Sheggra in first slot gets 2 4x skulls that are not attached to each other in any way, it will result in an extra turn. It may or may not be working correctly, but there is no way to tell for sure since the spell doesn’t specify if it just blocks 1 instance per type or more.

It may be working correctly, but perhaps not as intended. From the description and discussion around the status effect, I would expect it to block all 4- and 5-gem matches associated with the troop in question.

It should do exactly that but it doesn’t block associated cascades or anything. The matches from Sheggra’s ability would all be counted as skull matches for the front troop - which wasn’t Sheggra.

But the front troop was Sheggra according to the original post. “It was down to Sheggra and my fully traited Bone Dragon.”

That wasn’t clear. Could have been Bone Dragon + Sheggra on the same team. Or one a side.

New Status Effect: Frozen, a Frozen troop cannot contribute extra turns to its team, either from its spell, or from matching 4/5-of-a-kind of its color. (Note that it CAN still contribute turns as indirect result of gems spawned by its spell forming a 4/5-of-a-kind, provided they do not match one of its own colors).

According to this definition, I don’t see why skull 4/5-matches are also frozen…

Skulls always count as a second or third color for the unit at the top of the stack.

Edit: that is, according to all information we have been given, if the top unit is frozen, then 4- and 5-skull matches should not award an extra turn.

Just did a battle and a 4-skull match didn’t trigger an extra turn because of frozen…