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Frozen anti 4 match affecting troops that arn't frozen

This is repeatable, as it happens every time.

When any troop on my team is frozen, all 4 matches that contain that troops color stop giving extra turns. This happens even if frozen troop is in the last spot and never actually receives mana from the match.

Also 4 skull matches stop giving extra turns.

Example. I play with bat bat valk mercy. If mercy is frozen, blue 4 matches that only give mana to the first bat stop giving extra turns.

Example 2 if the second bat is frozen, but not the first, blue or red 4 matches that ONLY give mana to the not frozen bat stop giving extra turns.

In effect frozen is acting like an aoe effect when it is supposed to be single target

This is forcing me to stop playing against teams that can freeze, not because they are difficult but because they are broken.

This is intended.
However, for skull matches, it’s only when your frontline troop is frozen.


Which is what makes freeze so powerful against goblins (stopping all greens) or hitting a Hero using an all-color weapon

in fact, initially Frozen was going to deny extra turns for any color if a single troop was debuffed. They’ve actually made it less punishing.

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If it is intended, that is fine. Just clarify on the description text. Currently it states that freeze only affects the troop frozen. Make is more clear that it freezes an entire color for all troops please.

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It says:

“A Frozen troop’s spells & mana no longer give extra turns. There is a cumulative 10% chance to recover each turn.”

I agree that it would be clearer if it read:

“A Frozen troop’s spells & mana colors no longer give extra turns. There is a cumulative 10% chance to recover each turn.”


It still never speaks about the frozen skull thing, but that would kinda make the description waaaaay too long :confused:

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