[XB1] Freeze Gets Extra Turns Issue Again

I did research the forum and see this is not a new issue but hoped to help resolving or feedback, including video.
I still do not understand how or why the AI gets extra turns here. The second one, I understand because of the “not gaining a mana color of Frozen troop”. You could almost say the same thing about the first move, because it matched Blue. However, it was also a 4 skull match. Shouldn’t this have negated the extra turn? Obviously game code prioritized the blue match over the skulls because none of the remaining troops required that. Although I cannot provide video for it, I am pretty sure that at times with a Frozen skull spam team, I never got an extra turn regardless of mana color matched as well in the mix (Such as BD or Sheg, and yellow or blue matched).
In closing, I can understand the devs saying that the code is working properly in the original scenario. But if that’s the case, it should work for the player as well, since as they have stated, anything the AI can do, the player can do as well. The other argument would be that this is still part of the code; to not let the player do it because of possible exploit. Either way, I don’t feel the cpu should have gotten an extra turn in the first place because the skull match was included in that.

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So looking through this, I think part of the issue is related to confusion about how Frozen works.

From the ingame description:
A Frozen troop’s spells & mana no longer give extra turns. There is a cumulative 10% chance to recover each turn.

So Frozen doesn’t prevent that troop (or the team) from getting extra turns in general, it just negates any extra turns from a frozen troop’s colour(s) or spell. So the first case, where it matched 4 Skulls and 4 Blue, the 4 Skull match extra turn was negated, but since there was another extra turn from the 4 blue that wasn’t, they still got an extra turn. The second one is as you said, no troop uses blue, so blue will give an extra turn regardless.

Frozen blocks extra turns from the troop’s colour and spell only. Any other extra turns that happen in the same move are not affected and apply normally.

As for not getting extra turns from your own skull frozen spam, the devs would need to see a video to be able to work out what’s happening (or an exact chain of events that caused it).


Ozball is, as usual, on the money.

There seems to be a fair amount of confusion over how frozen works at the moment, I’ll make a note of that to see if we can’t explain it a little better. From watching the video you posted, everything is working as intended.

If you can capture footage of your other issues with frozen I would be happy to have a look at them and pass them along to the appropriate team members.


This and this sum up how’s frozen works.


Considering this Frozen “bug” comes up with clockwork regularity in the forum. And I see of mutterings in the game chat on occasion…

I think the real solution might be to rewrite/clarify the in game tool tip to be more descriptive for Frozen.

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I was understanding for the most part of how the effect works with mana and spell. I just didn’t think that applied to 4 Skull match. If the front troop was Frozen, I didn’t think extra turn applied.

I apologize if my OP was bringing up a redundant issue.