Sheggra... Bug?

Does anybody else have noticed how sheggra sometimes first transform the red gems to skulls and then create 7 red gems? Instead of inverse how it should be?

Nope, not that I am aware. Will keep it in mind. Does it only happen when you play her yourself or also when the enemy has her?

It has happend both ways. Am pretty sure about this because when Sheggra used her spell and only three skulls were matched and my troop took 13 damage from “The Silent One” After that I noticed how weird was that there was so many red gems when only one “three-of-a-kind” was matched, I count them and there were 8. Seven from Sheggra’s spell and the one who felt on the column where the skull were matched. But it doesnt happens always because I do use Sheggra on my “Dragon comp” and am pretty it has workd just fine, the first time it happend was around 3/4 days ago. I just tho I was going crazy because I wasnt sleeping well. :smiley: