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Sheggra's Lava Strike Bug

The description for Sheggra’s spell Lava Strike says the following:
Create x Red gems, then turn all Red Gems to Skulls.

However, what actually happens when casting is the x red gems get created, but only the gems that were originally red actually get turned to skulls. I would have expected that the newly created red gems would also convert to skulls.


Looks like it’s working correctly again. Thanks for fixing it so fast.

See @nimhain am not crazy!!

Never said you were :wink:. We’re having trouble triggering this to happen while testing, making it hard to track down.

Saw it happen to the computer a bit ago. Not seen it happen yet when I use the ability

It seems spontaneous, unpredictable. Like the first slot attack animation glitch when a spell’s cast, or when the opponent goes first. These issues are random and don’t appear to be connected in any distinct way, making them difficult to trigger on command, and in turn more difficult to fix.

Whether it’ll eventually be fixed by some fluke or stumbled upon by a staff randomly, time will tell. :clock3:

I don’t remember ever seeing this. I just let one hit me - which, as usual, was a really bad idea - but it didn’t leave any red behind today either.

It happens every once in a while is quite annoying. Te first time I thoght I was seeing things. Xd :v:

I guess a bug ‘every once in a while’, for a specific troop, to which the general approach is ‘Do Not Let That Happen EVER’ … might be sort of rare?

Maybe I should run amok with her on MY team and see what happens. Still, been there before.

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That attack animation glitch is known to the devs - I’ve sent Sirrian videos of it happening.

It appears to trigger when a spell is cast immediately after a turn that had multiple skull matches.

The rogue ‘attack’ does no damage, but you can see animation attacking random cards (not just the first enemy!).

Thats not the bug we were talking about but yes that one happens quite often too. :v:

Looks like this bug has resurfaced again with 1.0.9, or at least it’s happening to me a lot more now. It adds new reds on the board, then changes the previously existing reds to skulls, but not the newly created red gems.

Bumping this, as I’m still getting the same behavior. I’ve had one of the new red spawn over the exact skull I needed for an extra turn, which then passed to opponent with a board full of skulls.

It’s pretty rare, I’ve only seen it twice in almost a thousand games, but it definitely is still happening.