Sheggra's NERF is actually a BUFF?! GoW Logic

Okay, so I just tested my Inferno King + Sheggra deck of Inferno King - Sheggra - Mercy - Star Gazer. That and many variants of those 2 are quite common for quick PvP. Something that I noticed is Sheggra’s ability, after Inferno King or any red convert, does more damage with the nerfed spawn. This is because huge clumps of skulls do less damage than a lot of separate pairs. With Sheggra’s old ability, skulls would clump up and only do +1 damage per connected skull. Now that Sheggra can have more separation with the red to skull convert, it will align many more individual pairs. Every pair of 3+ skulls not connected to a clump of skulls does the first troop’s full attack. Instead of +1 attack skulls giving around 15-30 more damage, Sheggra now does about 3-5 pairs of the first troop’s attack. This is a damage output of at least 2x more than before. There is also a much higher chance of skull cascades, making overall damage output with an Inferno King around 3x the “nerf”. Both of them casting their spell is basically a team wipe with an even higher chance of doing so than pre-“nerf”.

So yeah, balancing is fun. :slight_smile:


I would usually clear some red 4/5-matches between casting IK and Sheggra, to maximize damage output. I thought it was the obvious thing to do.

So, no buff for me then. Just the nerf of not always being able to cast Sheggra by herself, even if she filled first.

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Sheggra was a great stand alone force and it’s all about the dragon synergy. I still see it as a nerf.

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I don’t think the nerf was meant to target teams that actually combo Sheggra, like the IK Sheggra teams or any teams that somehow prepare the board for Sheggras spell.
The nerf was meant to make it less of a safe standalone fire as soon as ready and kill a troop spell, the information they gave for the nerf also implies that.

In any case, from my experience firing Sheggra after an IK cast, the overall damage dealt by the first skull match package was rarely of any meaning(unless you force your way through a Gorgotha), as it produced overkill already most of the time.

Its a rebalancing. The nerf is that it can no longer just be cast regardless of the board state and automatically work. The buff is as Tacet said above.

I’ve personally noticed no change, using a similar team. Except the part where I need to look at the board.

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Of course, but that only reduces it by so much when Sheggra’s previous ability was basically an instant clump unless the board was nearly void of reds.

Sheggra is still overall nerfed from what it was. New players will enjoy Sheggra not being able to team wipe on the last quest. A Sheggra on its own is also much weaker. All I am saying is that it has stronger synergy now. It is exactly what made Green Slime such a strong card.

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I have to agree with that logic, She doesn’t feel legendary anymore.

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I have used Sheggra since I was lucky enough to get it early on. Now, with its magic reduced to 0, it has turned it from legendary to ordinary. I am definitely upset it was wiped and not sure if my love affair with this game will continue.

I understand the need to rebalance troops but to do it once a few months ago, than again and now again has left me feeling robbed.

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We must not forget that there is new players in this game that is buying the weekly legendary pack that cost 50 dollars to obtain a specific troop that they finally was able to get and play. It could had been that new player that bought Sheggra last week for his/her specific team. And then having her nerfed just very soon. I know Sheggra was not in the pack last week, but its just an example.


While I certainly can’t speak for the devs, I think if that were the case the devs would do what they could to make it right. They have done so in similar situations several times in the past. One of my favorite things about this game is the dev support and interaction. Whether they are as successful in their attempts to make things right or not is open for debate, but at least they try.



I would quit the game for sure if I purchased that troop and it got nerfed. Those people should be offered refunds if a troop they purchased in weekly specials was changed.

As of now, not sure what I will do in regards to the game. I guess I need to find a new team to use for my attacks or take a break for awhile.

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i find i die more to sheg now than i did before…

Only thing I don’t like about it is a lot of the sense of progress is being ripped from endgame.

I put a lot of time into getting all of the kingdoms to level 10 for the stat boosts, and even more time into getting power levels up. Then I’ve spent even more time waiting to collect enough sheggras to get to mythic.

Now, less than a week after ascention, all of it was for nought.

I just think its stupid to have a level 750+ player with mostly traited legendaries having a match run down to the wire against a level 200s team of acolyte, 2 rock worms, and their hero, especially given the paltry reward offered.

And yes, I think a level 100 player should have much to fear from fighting my team. I bet I’m worth upwards of 2k gold.

Instead, we get a relatively flat difficulty curve where the most recent update’s stat inflation further decreased the value of levelled cities, and now the few troops to see significant benefit from magic bonuses are getting the nerf treatment as well.

Honestly, I like having absurd endgame battles of OP legendaries. It just feels powerful, epic even.

Gorgotha blowing up the entire screen, maw eating my infernal king, my maw eating his, celestia spamming health boosts all over the place, and finishing them off with some sheggra screen-filling skull spam from my maw with 3 health and 75 attack?

Yes please.