Epic Trails Broken Spire

It’s impossible to win this again!! Thanks for the opposing team with Sheggra. :rage:

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Do you have a spare Gnome’a’Palooza? Use it, and the trial becomes easier.

@Hayabusa Thx!

Sorry to see they don’t pay attention to the Switch. I saw this coming a few weeks back.

Everyone else is going to run into this brick wall on August 7th.


What a terrible team we have this week. Literally no damage on the player side, facing the almighty Sheggra skull spam.

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Exactly Sheggra is the problem+Mana generator,Very bad man!!! :sob:

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This was already observed some weeks ago when 6.9 itself launched.

Just to note the lineup:

Your team
  • Fire Beetle (create Burning Gems = +6 Gems)
  • Flame Troll (create Red Gems)
  • Flame Rhynax (splash damage + Burning Gems)
  • Pyrophemus (Orc Cunning)
Cpu team
  • Lava Troll (50% Skull Resist, create Red+Brown Gems)
  • Terraxis (50% Skull Resist, damages all + Brown convertor)
  • Pyggra (Red exploder, albeit Mana Locked behind Terraxis)
  • Sheggra (Sheggra)

Immediately, one of the problems is that Burn ceases to be useful at higher levels (though it is very effective at low levels, potentially even OP). While Fire Beetle has Pyromania on your side, two of the enemy Troops (Terraxis and Pyggra) are explicitly immune to Burn and two enemy Troops (Lava Troll and Terraxis) have 50% Skull reduction.

Fortunately, two of your troops are also Fireproof, and Pyrophemus actually benefits from Burning (due to Orc Cunning). You also get a nice combination of Red Generators and targeted DPS, so you ARE able to preferentially attack high priority targets like Sheggra.

Really, though, the biggest threat at high levels is Sheggra. It’s ALWAYS Sheggra.

My minimum suggestions:

  • On the cpu team lineup, place Pyggra before Terraxis. Pyggra will occasionally summon a new copy of itself, but at a weaker level, meaning less threat from Skull damage (and fewer Red explosions).
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Man, even if we had Pyggra that would give us a chance. A small chance, but any ray of hope is welcome. Right now, we live in darkness.

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What Draegor says is true, we cant play level 200 or higher. We love the Dsrkness!!! :joy::sob:

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