What is your opinion on Sheggra's traits?

I’ve heard a little sour here and there about Sheggras traits.

However if you were the god of judgement what traits would you had given her?
Try to be fair.

Cheers! :wink:

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huge is fine… the other 2 are redundant and the 3rd is weak even ifthe second weren’t there…

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I agree. I find “Molten” and “Aflame” are superfluous traits. If you’re doing skull damage to something, chances are it’s doing skull damage back, which means you only need one of these traits to set your opponent on fire.

Contrast with Jarl’s, which can affect the non-tank troops and is therefore significantly more useful.

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2nd that, Huge is fine.

Not sure i understand, sheggra looks like it has very flexible traits, however i wish she had the ability to deal double damage to burning troops or gain magic on red gem matches or brown gem matches.

flexible? 2 of 3 of her traits do the same thing… burn you if you hit me… or burn if i hit you… burning on both is pointless… gaining magic wouldn’t do anything for her… pyromania would be nice vbut honestly her legendary trait still feels weak…

and should she really be in the first slot??? how about making it so it burns an enemy that hits anyone in her group? or even more suiting when her group hits since a good amount of the time she makes it happen…

if burns could stack her traits wouldn’t be so pointless…

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I concur that it is unnecessary to have both the 2nd and 3rd trait, and I currently have neither. Huge is good, of course.

Huge is good
Aflame and Molten are not only redundant, but also not very usefull considering how Sheggra is often sitting in the back lines of your deck. She would be better off with Fire Link and switching her legendary with Jarl’s, since, at least, Jarl is a front liner (I’m not saying it wouldn’t decrease Jarl’s strength though…)

This would fit well with her second trait, and make her very fearsome at the head of a skull-creating team.

I think another troop has that ability or least close to that.

You’re probably thinking of Webspinner, with the ability to deal x3 damage to poisoned troops.

Sheggra could do well with a trait like that (burn varient), though I don’t really care whether it’s changed or not. Sheggra itself is already an excellent troop, I see no reason to give it an overpowered Legendary trait.

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The trait is called “Pyromania,” and 5 troops in the game currently have it.

Bombardier ( http://gems.atspace.tv/troops.php?id=6041 )
Dimetraxia ( http://gems.atspace.tv/troops.php?id=6150 )
Drake Rider ( http://gems.atspace.tv/troops.php?id=6133 )
Kerberos ( http://gems.atspace.tv/troops.php?id=6118 )
Salamander ( http://gems.atspace.tv/troops.php?id=6164 )

So I suppose, by definition, it’s not a “legendary” trait.

EDIT: Just added the ability to link a filter, so this will list them all:

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What if Sheggra burned 2 enemies if one get 6 gem matches?(as her Legendary trait)