EPIC trails

Merlantis this week. 1.5k player here… epic trail is extremely tough to pass. Lamprey or Leviathan one has to go. I’ve restarted the battles many many times because lamprey either kills or devours one of my troops within 2 minutes of the game.

Y’know, we could really benefit from more analysis on the Switch side since our kingdom weeks differ from other platforms. It’d develop a community consensus twice as fast (at 2 kingdoms/week).

To recap, here’s the lineup of your team:

  • Mantis Shrimp
  • Waverider
  • Triton
  • Kuotani

Versus the cpu team:

  • Lamprey
  • Coral Golem
  • Hippocampus
  • Leviathan

Okay, let’s get some on-paper things out of the way, starting with your team.

  • 3 of your troops are vulnerable to Lamprey’s 30% Devour. Waverider can at least Barrier you against this, so cast him as often as possible.
  • Triton is a good pick – heavy splash damage, +4 Magic for everyone and ALL of your spells scale with Magic, so this kinda helps level the field vs. Coral Golem’s self-buffing and Hippocampus’s healing.
  • Mantis Shrimp deals double damage vs. Submerged which is a natural check against Leviathan’s 3rd trait (just as Captain Macaw provides a hard counter for the same) and I think it’s the only Troop on the team with any Skull resistance.

As for the cpu team:

  • WHY THE HELL IS LEVIATHAN ON THE ENEMY TEAM!? Your hint to use Submerge is literally useless (even at Tier 1!) as the only enemy AOE explicitly Dispels all targets before dealing damage! At epic levels Leviathan will simply TPK you in 1-2 casts and there’s literally nothing you can do to defend against this, as you can’t steal Leviathan’s Magic stat (or Web) and you don’t have a support/healer on your side.

So yeah, there’s one big problem and it’s a huge L. How about some ideas then?

  • Maybe replace Mantis Shrimp with Merlion? Silence is always good to slow down enemy casting.
  • Replace enemy Leviathan with literally anything else. Oh, wait, who am I kidding THERE LITERALLY IS NOTHING ELSE IN MERLANTIS THAT CAN DAMAGE ALL TARGETS.
  • Okay, wild idea then: replace Leviathan with Water Elemental. Yes, I know it’s not technically Merlantis but Leviathan just really needs to go!
  • Alternatively, if Leviathan did DPS first and only dispelled survivors (counterintuitive,I know) THEN Submerge would be a valuable defense against it. Yes, this would be a balance change but Leviathan simply negates the ENTIRE gimmick of this kingdom’s Trials, it NEEDS TO GO.

I won’t say this trial is a total failure, but … it kind of IS a total failure.


I really wonder if the trials were designed to troll players by someone who does not play the game (see Adana where the troll attempt failed), or if whoever made them just pulled troops out of a hat.


Merlantis Epic Trial is impossible.

Even if you make it past the Lamprey devours, Leviathan destroys any hope of a setup and Hippocampus heals the enemy faster than we can deal damage.

I am a very strong player, in a top guild with all factions completed and I have nearly every available stat from kingdoms (not counting level 20 monuments).

Epic Trials need to be fixed!!