[Reported] Broken Spire Epic Trials Are Terrible

I know this was reported by draegor, but the epic trials in broken Spire are not adjusted to the higher 200+ levels of the enemy team. Burning might be a good mechanic on lower levels, but on higher levels, this mechanic can no longer be used effectively to defeat opponents.

This epic trial needs to be revised with more thoughtful consideration for what the player has to use in order to defeat a challenging opponent. All of our troops are pretty terrible. The enemy team has sheggra and terraxis. Along with a skull tank in front and pyggra to mana accumulate. The damage output and skull spam is too much to overcome. Give me a break.

A response from @Bramble, @Jeto, @OminousGMan, @Kafka, or anyone else ASAP would be much appreciated with a revision to these epic trials would be much appreciated before the week is over.


Agree with you, only Luck Can make us win…


This is Switch, right? Unfortunately, your platform is running a different kingdom event schedule than all the other platforms. The official stance seems to be that you only get to play reasonable epic trials when your kingdom event schedule hits a kingdom that has already been repaired for the other platforms. I guess that sucks, considering that changing epic trial teams is pretty low effort, Switch has always been treated as the Gems of War third world country.


Frankly…all epic trials are terrible. For that matter, all trials are terrible.

The devs took a mode that no one had an issue with and no one was requesting changes to and decided to ruin it by making it 1 of the most hated modes in the game.

They essentially turned into a pure faction delve boss battles and forced us to use the 4 worst troops to put together from that Kingdom based around a similar gimmick that the AI team isn’t affected by 90% of the time.

The only things that the trials “teach” players is how to not make a team, how to be frustrated, and what troops to never use together in any other mode.


Not to mention their Tank has Fireproof so Pyromania is completely useless. This trial is actually impossible to complete legitimately.


I can’t pass 225. Horrible team. The only way I can think of passing this if someone were to use a palooza.

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Yes, that is the only way.