Are skull creators useless now?

Anything that makes skulls in the game just got destroyed. Sheggra/keeper of souls/ bone dragon/sekhma… only one skull match counts now… I thought the update was addressing triggering traits, not major spells. This nerf is MASSIVE.


Yeah, it was really short-sighted. Kraken was the main problem and in the process of trying to fix one troop they wrecked a bunch. I just don’t get what they’re doing with troop design any more.


Wait, really? So skull spam is completely off the table now too? I really want confirmation if that was even intended or not.

I tested it with keeper of souls. Three skull matches equaled one hit.

We’re looking into this. When you say three matches equaled one hit, are you referring to the animation? or the amount of damage dealt?

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A guildmate of mine just shared this video:

As you can see here, multiple skull matches on the same board only showed one hit, and only for the attack amount of damage. However, damage dealt to the enemy troop appears to be correct for the amount of skulls matched.

What I find more amusing is they were able to cast Bone Dragon’s strip flesh on themselves to trigger this. It would be cool if this were actually intended, as it gives a lot more depth to the troop.


Why would someone try this :rofl:

I’m assuming this is a bug introduced with the “traits only triggering once per move” “fix”.

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