Flash offer is missing title

Platform, device version and operating system:
Windows 10
Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Nothing, but a flash offer appeared. Nothing wrong with that ordinarily, except that here, the title is replaced with a code variable name.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Just once, and just now.

Steps to make it happen again
Launch the game and see if you get this flash offer.


Seen on iOS as well.

Just beat me to it.

Someone forgot to test it. So surprising!

Repeat after me: “Testing is important. Testing is a critical process. Nothing should be deployed without thorough Testing. Failing to do Testing makes us look like idiots. Test everything.”


oddly enough, nothing even close to the given translation key is being found in any translation file (updated after reset).
So this is not a simple typo.


What a bargain. With such high demand they have to limit the quantity.

If they’re going to add new monetization to the game, at the very least it should be done right, even if it’s something wrong. I recognize that monetization is necessary and I’m VIP 8, but a big reason I’m not paying for this is because they couldn’t even get the title right! Whether I think it’s a ripoff or not, whether or not I think it’s a good deal, whether or not I think they’re getting a bit too greedy, one thing is certain: the title should not have been glitched.

Also when the title is fixed please DO NOT add another stupid “!” that won’t go away. Thanks in advance.

it’s fixed.



I purchased the $4.99 offer however received 25 gem Keys instead of 225 Gems.

I have submitted a ticket for this issue and I hope I get my 225 Gems which is what I paid for.

You’re on a console?
I recall there was something about console shop policies that didn’t allow gems on flash offers and they were replaced by keys instead.
I guess they never got to updating their offer visuals to reflect this fact, or they did in the past but it’s broken again.
Proper console users might know better.

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Thanks for that, yes i’m on PS5.

That pretty poor as if I knew it was for 25 Gem Keys I would not have purchased it.

I hope they still give me what they are offering. Just re-started the game and it is still offering Gems. I think a lot of people are going to purchase this offer so they better fix it quick before it gets out of hand.

This doesn’t seem completely right. If they’re trying to stay within “loot box” ethics, shouldn’t it be the reverse? With gems you know what you’re getting. With keys, it’s a random prize every time. That’s the very definition of a loot box, considering that Gem Chests themselves are a literal “loot box”.

Unless Sony, in particular, being the only platform with this policy or related ones like the Dungeon offer, actually wants you to buy loot boxes. That would be unethical as well.

Unfortunately, title is not the only thing that flash offer is missing…

Yep it’s all wrong. They have really stuffed this one up.

I didnt get my gems from the $34.99 offer

Console? You probably got a pile of gem keys they consider to have the same “gem value” instead.

This would be fine if they stated up front that this would be gem keys. Personally I would never buy keys, but gems sure.

Hope this gets resolved for everyone on console, be it either with gems or refunds.

Next to nobody would. Gems is the currency that buys you things like event energy, no amount of gem keys help with that.

This has come up in the past, by handing out those gem keys they already consider the issue adequately resolved. Anybody not happy with this has to fight an uphill battle against their ticket system.


I am pretty sure there are 0 people on the dev team that play the live version of the game on a daily basis.

Not because of the title or the glitches, but more so that pricing.

Completely ignoring imperials, just the deed books to upgrade one kingdom to level 20 is $525.

Upgrading 34 kingdoms, ignoring imperials and the new kingdoms that are planned, is $17,850.

I understand the game needs to make money, but this is starting to reach the point where government intervention of this kind of greed would definitely be beneficial.

This is likely a weekly thing now too. At least there is a buy cap, but that still doesn’t change much.