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Flash offer is missing title

I would give the ticket a couple days then strongly consider a chargeback, though that would likely result in a ban. I am interested to see how this plays out because I do pay money for this game, and never want to be caught in the position of being given the wrong thing and having no real recourse.

As tempting as the first two offers are today, and normally I would buy it, after last weekend I just can’t justify it. And today, seeing people get the wrong thing… Unless that is fixed for those players I won’t spend anymore.

They intentionally give you the wrong thing, it’s been like this forever, apparently selling gems in such Flash Offers is against console Terms of Service. They exchange those gems keys for gems if you request it. Problem is, there’s a huge amount of backlogged tickets, so it might take a while, even with purchase related tickets getting priority treatment.

I suspect Gems of War might eventually get banned from consoles for exploiting loopholes if the right parties learn about this handling, that’s a different issue though.


Mr. the Terror, it is an honor to have you reply to my thread. I do not necessarily agree or disagree with your statement of the greed of the publishers and/or developers, but I am nonetheless interested to see you here. You have been a great asset to the game, its players, and its creators for quite some time. I honestly should take more time to consider you as a valuable member of this community. I am not completely satisfied with the direction the game has taken myself. I am at least somewhat optimistic that the next update will improve things. I have applied to be one of it’s beta testers. Thank you for your contribution to my report.

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Yes, so there can be an illusion of “not wanting players to spend irresponsibly” or something, I’m sure.

I had a lot more written but I’ll save that wall of text for another day :rofl:

This is similar to the issue that happened about a year ago.

More proof that they can’t sell discounted gems.

Yeah, I still support the game and have nothing against the developers personally. It is more so a problem plaguing the entire F2P industry that isn’t only effecting Gems of War.

There is such a lack of regulation on all F2P games that pretty much anything can be charged for anything as long as people are convinced to buy it.

Luckily, there are a few governments around the world starting to classify loot boxes as gambling, but it definitely needs to extend further to also include overcharging for things within games and the concept that games can literally cost $10,000+ as a F2P to get everything, then still require more over time.


Unfortunately, this hits a bit close to home for me. I’m VIP level 8 currently and the amount of money needed to get up there is so ridiculous that I now feel like a victim of some sort of scheme. You are absolutely right about the F2P industry, I spent money on this game that I did not need to spend. Right now, my main goal is to get Enraged Kurandara (only one regular blue away) so I can own all troops. So until that goal is achieved, I likely won’t be paying for anything but the next campaign pass, if even that. A dollar a week is reasonable for a game like this, but $400 in just a little under four years? Nuhuh, no way. I started playing the day Urskaya was released into the game, and I’ve found this to be an awesome game I really enjoy, but at the same time, I do feel a little exploited as a consumer. I do want to support the developers by giving them a reward for making a good game, but I want the game to be as good as it can be, and I don’t want the pricing to be unfair. Given your calculations, it’s definitely unfair. So yes, Mr. Tacet, we need to get the word out and get people to listen. The fact that Sony doesn’t let you get currency at a discount but lets you get literal loot boxes seems suspicious to me. The F2P industry as a whole needs to change for the better, starting with fairer prices.

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Yea well good luck I’m ready to lawyer up. Australian consumer law specifically states that contracts have to be reasonable especially in cases where the consumer has little input. Replacing an item with something that is not equivalent, taking your money and then refusing you service is 100 percent unlawful.

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I never took laws into account until now. Now that I think about it, the consumer absolutely has the right to withhold their money if they did not get what they paid for. My country has the FTC which is currently fixated on major technology companies like Facebook and Google, but whereas these services are largely free, people are actually being hurt by not getting what they paid for. Whoever is in a position of authority needs to speak up and bring this to the ACCC’s attention.

Hi everyone, I just took the € 15.99 offer, but I only got 84 Gem keys at the 750 gem linker! I got ripped off, as often in this game! I’m starting to get fed up and I’m thinking of filing a complaint with the Police and a consumer defense association !! :frowning:

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I would follow the advice at the end of this bug report:

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I have logged a ticket for my purchase and won’t except anything else than 225 gems which is what i paid for.

I have spent a lot of money on this game and I am a VIP 11 but after this I won’t be spending anymore money as it is just not worth hassle you have to go through.

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If you are ok with it, when you get a response, do you mind sharing it? VIP 10 here and yesterday was the first time I passed on what I would normally buy. I am too worried to spend money now that the devs may not honor or refund.

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Someone found this in one of the discord servers. Something similar happened last year. So hopefully you all get your gems. :smile:

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Yes i did read that announcement from last year so hope they do the same or i will be taking this further.

Not a problem @Snooj once i get a reply i will post on here. Could be awhile though.

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I too will pass on what they answer me!

what do they call the Australian Weekends?

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Hi Everyone @Snooj

I got my 225 gems so if you haven’t logged a ticket than do so as I’m not sure if you will still get your gems if you don’t log a ticket.


We don’t ban accounts for legitimate chargebacks, only in cases of suspected fraud (which tend to be extreme cases). Always best to ask a Dev directly if you have any concerns, we’re generally pretty generous with compensation compared to other games I’ve worked for and are reasonable human beings! We do have a large backlog at the moment so our replies may be slower - we are in the process of not only clearing this backlog but also future proofing it too phew I am very sorry for delayed replies, I’m not proud of it but I’m doing my best with the time I have.

If anyone here was affected by the Kingdom of Fire Offer issue on PlayStation, please read this article here for more information including instructions on how to contact us with your receipts and invite code to receive your gems:

We would prefer to automate this process but unfortunately we’re sort of subject to a limitation at the moment which means I’ll be manually compensating everyone who writes to us.

Sorry about this error everyone!


This is awesome to hear!

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