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[Addressed] Flash Offer 31/01l/20 Vault Offer

PS 4

Vault offer says you will get 100 GEMS
I have bought 2 of these now and received NO Additional Gems

With each purchase**
This seems to happens EVERY time I buy a flash Offer it offers gems we do NOT receive them

I believe this has to do with the fact that when flash offers were introduced Sony wouldn’t allow IP2 to have gems attached to flash sales, that is why we get gem keys which have the equivalent value of the gems associated with the flash offers.

If I am right the image needs to be corrected so it doesn’t make mention of bonus gems since they can not offer them to PlayStation players with flash sales.

I may be wrong about this but I don’t believe I am.


If you’re right, then: Yes - the image has to be corrected.
And the buyers of the Flash Offer have to be refunded - because they didn’t get what they paid for.


Here’s how it looks on PC/mobile.
So @Ghaleon is correct.

There seems to be zero over sight in regards to text that’s released by the company. Unfortunately with this one they can’t just dismiss it as a “visual bug” since it is misleading people in regards to what they are buying.
I believe 1 gem key is supposed to be worth 15 gems.
So technically PS is getting a better deal than PC/Mobile (and I assume Xbox) since PS are getting the equivalent of 180 gems.

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Exactly right I bought this offer on the strength of the GEMS I would be receiving not the useless GEM KEYS which gave me nothing but crappy purple troops I already have at legendary or mythical. GEMS are and always will be more valuable. I bought the offer to buy the next level for my Tower of Doom, which now is impossible. This is FALSE advertising, however they want to dress it up, there is no asterisk attached saying oh but this does not apply to PlayStation players. Why are we constantly penalised? We cannot for example get gnome bait, that offer is not available to us in the UK either, in fact EVERY flash Offer I have bought which says I should have had GEMS attached should be refunded, OR the equivalent GEMS attached to my account. Don’t get me wrong I am not the biggest spender but I am owed nearly 1000 GEMS from November.til now.

How is 180 gems 20 short of 100?

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Open a Support Ticket, explain your situation, they should have no problems exchanging the gem keys with real gems.


Plus just because this is what YOU can see I cannot see this, I can see the screenshot I posted above. There is no additional point to say due to PlayStation ruling we can not offer GEMS therefore we are giving you gemkeys in its place…
The offer clearly states
100 Gems
1 Vaultkey

They did NOT deliver…hence this is FALSE advertising…
When I started playing on PS4 nobody informed oh by the way when we do offers we can’t actually sell you Gems it’s against the rules…

Sorry I misread the offer as 200 total.

I understand your frustrated. However I highly doubt this was done intentionally. All this will take is a simple text change as to my knowledge Sony is the only one that has this requirement. Microsoft I believe gives the gems.

Please give the devs time to get it corrected also realize it is the weekend.


I also didn’t realise it was Australian public holidays too. It sucks that Sony should be able to dictate what a game can and cannot do, when its other platforms have no issues. Thanks Ghaleon for your invaluable assistance in this matter. I am not saying it doesn’t suck…but I do appreciate you explained the situation, it’s also something I will now be aware of. It explains so much about past purchases, I thought I had lost the plot over, thinking I must have miscounted lol.

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I have thank you for the link it was very much appreciated.

Hey, we’re incredibly sorry this happened. The text was incorrect. We’ve corrected it for future Vault flash offers on PS4.

If you contact us at Support we will send you the Gems we advertised in the Vault Offer as it wasn’t our intention to mislead anyone.

Ghaleon is correct, we’re not permitted to sell premium currency (Gems) on Sony platforms at a discounted price so we replace Gems in the Flash Offers with Gem Keys or VIP Keys.

This article has the full details along with links to the correct support form you’ll need to contact us by and instructions on how to find your receipts so we can send your missing Gems:


I can’t seem to get the link to work, what do I need to do? You know what’s funny is I’m just now finding this and I was the first person to post up about it!

Sorry @Llittle_Llama I don’t actually see a post from you about this :frowning:

Please write to us about it using this link and include a screenshot of you purchase receipts and we’ll sort it out for you


Wasn’t on here, was good old reddit lol

Ah I see, we don’t accept bug reports on Reddit sorry, only on the forum here but if you ever have purchase issues you should always contact us directly on support.

If you use the link I gave you to contact us we’ll help you as soon as possible:

@Kafka @Saltypatra the PS4 flash offer again says gems are included but not shown


I wasn’t so much trying to report it as I was trying to find out what to do. I didn’t realize this was an official forum or I would have come straight here :slight_smile: I’m trying to get the request through, but I’ve bought so much on PSN plus a ton for GOW I have no idea which purchases they were :confused: