Missing purchased diamonds troops

I spent a lot of diamonds to acquire the god slayers for this boss battle I had 11 and now I have one this is the second time in the last two boss battles where I have lost troops purchased for war please fix this issue thank you

Can you show an image of the shop tiers you purchased and of the troop currently? It would help confirm or not confirm some things.

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@CowBoy420 did you ascend the Troop rarity?
That’s usually what happens to the extra copies.


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    February 5

@CowBoy420 did you ascend the Troop rarity?

That’s usually what happens to the extra copies.

Thank you for bringing to my attention ascension that’s what happened stoner moment lol

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I purchased the flash sale : 3 vault keys, 50 gems. I have the receipts screenshot and I have not received any of the vault keys and just 50 gems, I purchased thru paypal, which has 2 cards linked on it, my bank and an american prepaid just for game purchases, which I have marked as preferred when shopping online, the game took money from my bank instead of my prepaid card. I called paypal, but they told me it was the game that decided on that, ok, I get it, but I didn’t get what I paid for.

@Janha I’m assuming you are a PS4 player.
The text at the bottom of your flash offer is inaccurate as PS4 does not allow currency such as gems to be reduced in price. PS4 players receive the equivalent value of gem keys instead of the gems that PC/Mobile players get. The offer on PC/Mobile does not include gem keys

This graphic issue was supposed to be resolved but obviously that’s not the case this weekend.
You should find this thread helpful. [Addressed] Flash Offer 31/01l/20 Vault Offer - #19 by Ghaleon

Nope, I am NOT a ps4 player, I play on the Nintendo switch

It might be that Switch has similar policies regarding gems in flash offers but, in any case, your course of action should be sending in a support ticket by following the link below:


Thank you, I have done that already, it takes weeks for A reply, if they even reply!

I did the Flash offer on Switch and weirdly it didn’t show on the main Games menu but when I clicked the Vault it showed the correct amount.

it didn’t show on the main, where the map is nor the vault, I tried to purchase again to see if all of them would come thru but stupid me is now 1) money loss 2) no gems 3) no vault keys which of today is 150 gems, 9 vault keys, I am contacting Nintendo in the morning to see if I can get something done thru there about the purchase thru eshop and what can be done about the game itself. I purchased thru the eshop but was paypal I have linked to 2 different cards, the preferred for shopping was not used but my bank account was.

Best of luck! I think you did but definitely fill out a bug report too.

I finally got the purchase, I think it may be a glitch or something on my switch, I have no clue what is happening but I do show the items this morning! thanks