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Nintendo switch flash sale wrong key

Did 5 buys of flash vip key today. Main pop up page said 1 VIP key and 100 diamonds. Got gem keys instead of VIP keys. Just want to let you know.

Great game though.


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Are you sure it wasn’t a flash sale for Vault keys?
If so you need to go to Games, then Gnome Vault to use them
(Vault keys are very different to VIP keys)

If the flash sale is incorrect you need to contact support.

I stand corrected. You are 100 percent correct. Thank you.


Again, this is a wonderful game. (With excellent support)

No worries
Hope you found some cool treasures in the vault
The community here on the forums is pretty great and helpful (when we are not on a rant about the latest game changes - actually we are almost always upset about something!)
Welcome to the forums and hopefully you can find heaps of useful information

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