Psa: Flash offer this gnome weekend is only 1 vault key

Guess who was confused when he was out of vault keys after only 5 fights …

Changing the offer without labeling it as such is rather sneaky & underhanded.
I definitely wouldn’t have bought them if I had noticed :confused:



What happened?

last time it was 3 vault keys and 50 gems for $1.99 USD

this time it was 1 vault key and 100 gems for $1.99 USD

just noticed gold coins falling in the Flash Offer this time…

It looks nice, but dang if it doesn’t feel distracting from the actual items being sold.


I could be wrong, but IIRC (using only memory (no actual record-keeping), these 2 offers rotate each Vault event.

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probably. I don’t keep track of flash offers. only reason I remember the last one was because of wanting an Epic Vault Key

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If your vault rewards from the extra 2 vault keys are trash, then getting 50 gems per dollar is vastly better than 25 gems per dollar. However, those two extra vault keys could drastically offset the 25 gems per dollar you lose.

I actually prefer this offer to the other one.

Yes, it’s possible that I could pull something nice with those extra vault keys, but I’d rather have the gems.

The only flash offers I buy are ones that offer at least 45 gems per dollar spent.

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