Flash pack offer


I just started playing the mobile version a few days ago and got a flash pack offer - it’s 1 x VIP key plus 90 gems and 10 VIP points for $2.99. Is this worth buying?

Thanks in advance!



It probably won’t make much of a difference. You might pull a reasonably good troop from that VIP key, you still need to level it up and trait it though, which can take quite a long time at early levels. 90 gems won’t get you far, joining a guild should easily get you that amount each week.

Play the game a bit, if you feel like playing it a lot longer consider buying the Deathknight armor pack for $50. It provides a huge bonus to gold, souls and experience, the long term benefit is several magnitudes past anything else the shop has to offer.



Yeah, 1 vip + 90 gems for $3 is about as good as deals get.



The vault key deal was better, by far. 90 gems isn’t a whole lot, and VIP Keys are a boondoggle.



Can yoy even use that vip key without being vip 5, actually?



Yes, just have to be VIP5 for open access to chests. They’ve gifted them in the past, and you can buy a limited number (at least on xbox) without getting to vip 5



I’m looking at the pack in the shops and I can only see a bunch of keys, I can’t see what else it offers for some reason :confused:



It’s not in the shops. There’s an icon that should be flashing near the top left.

Anyway, most flash offers are a good deal if only because $1.99-$2.99 is cheap as heck. If it comes with any gems at all, the other thing it comes with is gravy on top.

The VIP key in this case is going to give you some arcanes. You can hoep for the shot at a mythic, but it’s 1% so let’s be realistic and say you’re getting arcanes or epic troops. I wouldn’t pay $2 for that by itself.

But it’s 90 gems for $1.99. The next-cheapest gem deal is 50 gems (plus bonus) for $4.99. So you’re getting almost twice as many gems and a VIP key for less than half the cost. It’s at least “fair” in terms of dollars-to-gems.

But it’s $1.99. I’ve always said, and it’s very true, that anything $2.99 and down is an impulse buy for me. I usually buy flash offers if it’s a payday.



My experience with my limited amount of (freely-gifted) VIP keys hasn’t been that great, either.

I agree with the general analysis - not as good as past Flash Offers (e.g. Vault Key), but a relatively good/cheap, value-for-money Gems deal, if you want Gems.



@izzi8 to me it is a good deal bec you get a vip key and 90 gems

Yes you can use VIP keys even if you haven’t reached VIP level 5 the level 5 vip alows you to ue gems to get vip keys.