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[Known Issue] Kingdom of Fire offers give gem keys not gems as displayed (Playstation only)

Platform, device version and operating system: Playstation

Screenshot or image: In game currently

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Get gems from these offers as listed, not the “equivalent” in gem keys

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time

Steps to make it happen again
Buy offer, it will happen every time until corrected.

Ok, I didn’t personally buy this offer but I have noticed that several players on Playstation have received incorrect resources. Thought I would actually file a bug report about this.

Anyone who bought any of these offers, please send a support ticket and ask to be given what you believed you were you paying for :wink: They have absolutely no grounds not to honour the purchase as advertised at the time :smiley:


I am watching this to see how the devs respond. I expect those that bought this offer to be given gems or be refunded within an appropriate timeframe (couple weeks at most). Until and unless that happens, I will not spend more money on this game. I can not trust that I would receive what I paid for, and having a chargeback be my only recourse when it would likely result in a ban is problematic.

Can someone who bought this offer on playstation report back if/when they get gems? Or share the response to their ticket?


Someone found this in one of the discord servers. Something similar happened last year. So hopefully you all get your gems. :smile:

It happened to me on 4/10, Kingdom of fire offer for $15 for 750 gems, all I got was 80 gem keys. Ticket submitted, waiting for corrective response.

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Hi everyone,

We’re very sorry this happened and we will be compensating the Gems that were displayed in the offer to the players who purchased these offers.

We currently have a limitation which means we’ll need players who purchased the Kingdom of Fire Offers to contact our Support Team directly so we can compensate them the Gems for this issue.

All the details on the issue and how to contact us with your receipts and invite code are in a Help Center article here:


I sent in my ticket request that same weekend and still have not received my gems. =/ My ticket number is #101770. I’m doing my best to wait patiently.

However, I just keep getting automatic responses. I even organized my receipts and put in a picture of the flash offer as well. Thank you for posting this.

Anyone else waiting or have their ticket resolved yet?

I shouldn’t be spending so much money on gems… :woman_shrugging:

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Yes, still waiting. Sent them a screenshot of my Play store receipt 3 days ago.


One of my guild members received the correct gem resources on Wednesday, after sending a ticket on Friday of last week. I assume he was one of the first in the queue.

Hopefully it shouldn’t take too long for everyone else :smile: Can’t see it happening over this weekend though.


I will! I sent in a correct ticket on April 13th after a couple days of some confusion of where to send it to.

Still waiting on gems with no response. Sadly, I spent quite a bit hoping to get rnough gems to start saving. Yeah. I am not soending any monies on the PS4 right now. I am not happey and yet still trying to be patient. There is no way to contact them through a phone number or even an email when it comes to this. When players are spending real money, there should be real customer service. :rage:


From my understanding Playstation will not give refunds for flash offers in game because its automally given once you buy it. It’s different than buying a game and not yet downloading it. Gems also said on their website they don’t handle refunds and that we need to talk with our platform or if I am not mistaken, the 505 games. I will call the play station on Monday to verify from their website. That is, if I can talk to a live person. :woman_facepalming:

This is a catch 22 situation. Just rather have the gems as stated in the flash offer.

I’m sorry for the delayed replies, I’m currently handling the tickets by myself so there is a wait, I will be going back to working on the Gems compensation for PlayStation Players today once I’ve completed my morning tasks.


Thanks @Graeme for posting this. I thought it was a lost cause but I’m glad to see someone brought it up and they are willing to fix it.


Awe! You are working by yourself?! I’m so sorry for you! You are so much appreciated!

I will definitely continue to wait inline. Is there anything I can do to help encourage others to be patient?

I will be praying for you and hour team!


Hello, I sent back a screen as Kafka asked me, but it’s in French! Does this pose a problem?


This is fine, I use google translate :slight_smile:

Everyone who has written to us about this has either received their Gems or a response explaining how to find their receipts and/or invite code so I can help them.

Thanks for your patience while I got through the requests.


You rock Kafka!

Thank you so, so much for your response and for all you do. I appreciate you and the work you do! I am sure it’s not an easy task. Hugs!

Tara (Liusaidth)

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I haven’t heard back yet. I requested a few hours before your post.
request #101919

Hello, ticket # 101620 opened on Saturday, April 10, 2021, for 12 days.

I return to the charge, sorry if I’m boring, but without these gems I can’t participate in class or faction events!
Guardian of the Crypt, passed under my nose! I am very angry !!!
It makes you want to stop the game more and more !!
:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


@Kafka someone in my guild still has an open ticket regarding this issue from over 2 weeks ago. You have been pm’d about this aswell and there has still been no reply.

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