Feeling Ripped Off :( *sarcasm* bc people take things way too serious


I know its RNG, i get that,I really do, but i paid the $49.99 to get the Death knight Armor. This came with, of course the armor, 30 Glory keys, 20 Gem Keys, 10 Event Keys, 200 Gems, ect.

After opening the 30 Glory Chests, 20 Gem Chests, and 10 Event Chests I received 0 Legendary cards…

In all honestly out of all those chests I only got 4 epic cards…

I will prolly never spend money on this game again. I am extremely salty now lol.

Someone tell me they spent tons of money and got nothing in return so i can feel less bad about this lol


It comes down to the luck. It took me 300 event keys a couple events ago to get one legendary while some people got 5+ within 50.


I had the same type of experience. Spent real money to buy the big gem pack in the shop with the hope of getting Bone Dragon. Opened 200 gem chests and no BD. I did get other legendaries though but still - not the one I wanted. Sorry to say but seems like a bad run of luck. :cry:


I’ve opened many chests, not as many as some, but still a lot.

I’ve opened 50 Gem Chests before and got 2 epics and maybe a couple Arcanes/Celestial stones.
I’ve also opened 50 Glory Chests before and got 2 Legendary troops at once.

But you should look on the bright side! On top of now never having to switch armors (Until the inevitable 150% Souls/Gold armors of 2018), you can now scout enemy teams for free and always be ready to counter them! No more blind guessing or going through the effort of spending 10 gold every match.

You’ll progress faster and be able to plan better for a game bound to offer you more hours of playtime than a Fallout game! (Not including mods to it, of course.)


lol thanks, was only really doing it for the armor so i can catch up to my wife who is very far ahead of me. But with that many keys I was really hoping to get 1 or 2 Legendaries :smiley: My wife seems to get a new one every week. Guess i need some of her luck


You could look at it another way…you used up a lot of your good luck when you met your wife :smiley: (cheesy as my gf would say but also true)


Don’t feel bad, I spent 900 gems this week and opened ZERO Legends :scream:
And I’ve gone almost two weeks before without getting any from glory keys ( at least a thousand keys used during that time)
I know it’s “The luck of the draw”, but it still hurts nonetheless.


Geeze now I feel bad for you :frowning: (lol)


Don’t spend gems on keys in any way, it’s complete robbery. I spent over 2000 gems yesterday and came out with nothing.


My husband gets legendaries ALL the time both on xbox and his pc account…he got one his first day with his first key on the pc account… Me on the other hand…I’ll go weeks between legendary cards and I have opened tons of keys…I’m missing even some of the apparently more common legendary cards that are supposedly easy to get. I always have terrible luck on games.


its like playing the lotto or slots etc. you can open 100’s of chests and get nothing but next time can get lucky open 10 and get 2 legendary. everyone is in same boat. just appears some are a lot luckier :slight_smile:

I have opened hundreds at a time got nada. and as above also got 2 in a 10 chest pull


natural reaction is ofcourse mad/upset when it fails. happy when you get lucky!!


can I ask how you spent the 2000 gems. just curious was it in blocks of 50 chests?


All on the 50 key gem chests.


I went a solid month not dropping anything in glory keys. Opened hundreds, maybe thousands. Then 2 Legendaries in a set of 12. Persistence and you’ll get there :slight_smile:


20 gem keys and 10 event keys are actually nothing, I think the legendary card drop rate of these keys is about 1/50, so you really can’t get your hopes too high for those keys. I once used 150 gem keys and no legendary, but then I used 50 glory keys and I got 4 legendary cards and 1 celestial stone. I also got the death knight armor, but only for the armor, those keys are just some bonus for you to gamble.


If it makes you feel better 1000 gem keys later and no legendary i have not gotten through the use of glory. :frowning:


Ripped off? Legendary rate is like 1% so for the listed amount you were never expected to get one by flat luck.

And dropping $50 at a game like this is well known as “burning money”, the only one to blame is you in this case, just man up for good.


ROFL Pasa… It was more of a joke post to express my frustration on having bad luck. SO i could hear other peoples stories of having bad luck. I didnt blame anyone or anything… Get the heck** outa here with your negativity

Oh and its not “Burning Money” when its a hobby for you.