I Just dont get how this could happen please read!

How come…

I have been playing a fair while on this game have bought many many keys and only have ever unlocked one legendary… YET… my other half has played it half the amount of time and unlocked very few keys and has unlocked 5 legendarys… please can someone explain the logic behind this as it is very f…g frustrating to the point were I’m going to delete this of my xbox one… ( I know I am sad and pathetic but I have put a lot of time in this game) I just don’t get it. :S OMFG I could cry right now.

Just the way random goes. I’m still missing 4 Legendary Troops, and I’m around level 480.

Let me tell you what gets even more infuriating. Pulling multiples of Legendary troops you already have, and not the ones you are missing. Before we knew of ascension, I had 6 Jarl’s.

I feel you pain… but one legendary … one again… one. she has 5 and isn’t even level 40 … :S I’m level 70 this is just painful surely there is some justice that needs to be served here… and I was the one that introduced her to this game … n don’t I regret it… I should start a poll on the randomisation of legendries and don’t tell her I said this but she sucks at gaming to… I also have 5 x the amount of gamer points than her on xbox so please were is the logic.

The logic is literally in the randomness of the game. You are perfectly illustrating it.

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… head in hands… my life will never me the same I think I am gonna move to a really big hill and become a monk. thanks gems of war for destroying me… please send all letters to the frustrated monk on the big hill… follow the burning gems of war signs.

Legendary is IMHO extremely overrated in this game. My most-used troop lineup has consisted of three rares + my hero, and I’ve consistently beaten all-legendary lineups with it. Of course my rares have since ascended…

Your legendary drops will come in time. I’ve been playing since launch, and I’ve had my bunches of them and my droughts along the way.

Most of us have had this scenario, For instance My main account has 5 2 of which i acquired due to glory, while my lower account has gotten 2 with keys before 1.0.8 hit. Also i should note i only had 1 legendary prior to 1.0.8 update on my main account , picked up 2 more with saved keys for the update.

I moved the thread to Gameplay Chat since it has nothing to do with support.


it has got something to do with support as I was asking about a problem with the game… you sir are not welcome on my hill … :stuck_out_tongue:

1/ I’m not a sir.
2/ This is not a support issue. You’re complaining about your lack of luck, which is not a technical problem at all. You open keys, sometimes you get what you were hoping for, sometimes you don’t. Definitely not a support issue. Do you ask to be refunded lottery tickets if you don’t win?


Open a support ticket and explain to them the situation, I’m sure they will be happy to hear from you.

he/she who is not sir I think you take things a wee bit to serious maybe you should spend some time on my hill meditating… hummmmmmm :stuck_out_tongue:… here have a fruit pastille o x

Was 1986 a choice year for lunatics…?


yes… :wink:

Hey…My wife was born in 1986…

woo hoo :slightly_smiling: lunatics are great people

Good. All our greed, our desire to compare our belongings to other’s, our sense of entitlement to a reward for our work instead of enjoying our work, need to be destroyed for us to be happy. Welcome to yoga. I’m glad you already figured out the next stage is to be a peaceful monk. More power to you.

I have been on the opposite end of the spectrum of your luck, but I don’t suppose it’s a good idea for a moron to brag about his winnings to a lunatic…

In all seriousness, keep on chugging, and you’ll get there eventually. And good luck to you.

I’m on ios but I didn’t get my first legendary till very recently (lvl 92ish I was) and I have a grand total of two legendaries. It definitely hasn’t stopped me from enjoying this game though!