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Please delete this post :) had a Noob Moment lol

My bad i didn’t think about chat only showing legendary s
Please ignore this post lol

Could be someone that paid a lot, but it does seems fishy and I guess it is worth checking :o

Lol i dont know of a way to pay for legendary units like that "/

I could probably do that right now with the gems I have lying around. Actually more. Not less. I thought wrong. Just via Gem Keys … something like 1 or 1.2 per 50 Gem Keys, for 450 Gems per 50… it’d “only” take 4500 gems or so.

Someone can check their account transactions eventually (its Sunday) but it could very well be nothing.

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I guess the chat may just show legendaryn units,…

That person is in our guild. We get at least 1000 gems + glory keys every week. This could be just a couple days worth of guild task rewards, with a bit of luck, or a week worth at most, even without the luck. We see such things often enough in our guild chat.

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Just a raw calculation:

1 legendary every 10 gem keys: 100 gems
30 legandarys * 100 gems: 3000 gems
3000 gems = 150$
5 x each legandary for mythic = 750$

And this without double drops or without any preexisting cards.

Sounds a lot but nothing out of the world. Maybe someone with a midlife crisis didnt buy a porsche but all cards for his favourite game for a hundredth of the money and feels happy now ^^

Have a nice weekend!

My bad guys and gals…
Its late lol.
I seen it as thats all he got, not thinking it only shows the legendary units you get.
My bad …
What a Noob Moment

I still say he’s hacking… He also ascended way too many troops to mythic right after

Nobody gets legendaries like that… And the ascends them all to mythic right after

If this is true I’ll apologize because I posted it too with screen shots.

The system announces any legendary acquisitions - not new ones. Poor choice in my opinion… nobody needs to know about my eighteenth copy of a legendary or whatever. Point being, he probably had a decent-sized number of them already and just got the final copies needed.


I once got 5+ legendaries from 400 glory keys (I don’t usually count), so this here is not unlikely, even without using gems at all.

Another thing: you need 6 of each legendary to ascend it to mythic, which means you may need up to 150 legendaries or so total (not counting cases when you want to use more than one in your team). I simply find it hard to believe that any real hacker will only get himself 10 legendaries. This seem almost not worth the effort of hacking.


I’ll use this opportunity to publicly shame @DEMONorANGEL for his 4 Legendary Dust Devil team! I can’t imagine you’re getting a lot of defenses with that line up?


Tbh, I would rather face a team like that than the fully traited Celestasia teams.

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I guess so, but 40 damage out of the gates is a big deficit to overcome, especially when they refill very quickly as well.

It depends what you’re using. E.g. with my team with Maw and skull spammers I usually either devour Celestasia or do enough skull matches at some point to remove Barrier AND kill it in one go. DDs on the other hand mess up the line-up completely - Maw in the last spot can neither get mana nor be effective even if I have happened to fill it earlier.
In short - it’s not so much about Devils being really dangerous (although sometimes they can be too) as very annoying. At least for me.

@Studs :stuck_out_tongue:
Wait till u see my new defense team…


Seen it, whupped it. Try again.:wink:


Leave my poor peasants alone.