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So... those random deals

They are really bad… it only counts for the upgrade costs and not for the troop itself. For example:

As you can see… it costs 35 dollars to get the traitstones and souls to max out Infernus except… you can easily use orbs to cut all of that out… not that great. Now if it was before you had the troop (IE: Unowned) and included the troop then it would be a steal but alas, not the case…

The screenshot is from a guildmate who just crafted Infernus.

Yeah that doesnt seem worth it at all. Who knows, mabye some will think so?

The devs have always had a super-inflated opinion of the worth of their stuff.

And there are a lot of suckers who don’t ask “Is it worth it?” before pushing the buttons.


Though i agree most of the offers in this game are inflated, could you please have some respect for people who spend money on this game? Hell you should be appreciated that thanks to them you can have this game f2p. First loserboard and now suckers? People are free to do whatever they want with their money

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But it’s infernus! The best troop of the game! He worth 100$ :slight_smile:

That is pretty much the definition of “suckers” … :slight_smile:


If they think that is worth $35, then can I sell my unneeded souls and respective traitstones? I’ll even sell them for $34.98 but only for a limited time.


My dude, I could farm enough materials to fully trait Infernus in 4 hours, tops. That’s ignoring that I have enough orbs stowed away to trait about 5 mythics for free before I spend $35 to do it. I have always, and will always argue that almost every GoW “deal” is ridiculous.

If you take the devs’ valuation of $70, they’re asserting you should have to work 9.6 hours of federal minimum wage to trait Infernus. On sale, it’s 4.8 hours. But I already don’t think it will take more than 4 hours. Ouch.

On the other hand, I could spend $34.99 on a Pokemon game at GameStop and spend 140 hours doing all of its junk. The $70 they think it’s worth could get me Xenoblade Chronicles 2, a game I spent 200 hours on and only reached about 60% completion. For the traits on one troop.

So what I’m saying is if you want to value your free time at dang near minimum wage go ahead, but if I were you I’d spend my $35 on a Ring of Wonder, or put it towards Deathknight Armor, or hell, buy a week of diamonds. That’s stuff you can’t farm in less than half a day. You shouldn’t pay Gems of War more than you could make mopping the floor at Dairy Queen in the same time.

Now, on the flip side, JUST for Infernus: If this was the troop PLUS those traitstones, different story. $35 for the troop if you don’t have it is a great deal: you aren’t really out of early-game until you get Infernus. There are 4 or 5 troops I’d sigh and say are worth $30.

And for a really new player? 175 VIP points ain’t shabby, but it doesn’t get you to VIP 3. Deathknight armor is a better deal. Period.


That’s the joke. You don’t get Infernus. You get the souls and traitstones. This deal is offered as a “flash sale” if you get your first Infernus. So you already did the part that is actually worth $35.

i didin’t read it right also it saying its 70$ value lol

It’s a great value!

In fact, this reply is valued at $1000USD. But, just for you, I’m offering this reply at a 100% discount. That kind of generosity isn’t found anywhere these days…

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Seriously though, this is just another sign of GoW embracing the impulse purchasing systems that are part of most games these days they prey on the lack of knowledge of new players.

Given the timing of the patch, it is likely that this a “feature” that was mandated by the publisher to be in the game before the highly profitable Holiday season starts in the Western World in November.


While the price might be a bit ridiculous, traitstones for traiting Mythics are not easy thing to farm. 42 Arcane stones could take several hours or days for new players.

Except they got Wisdom orbs, which still, not that easy for new player to get. So it could be a great deal for someone.


Indeed. Many of us vets here on the forum often forget how hard it was to get off the starting block in the game years ago. Although resource acquisition is easier these days (in general), new accounts often do not have the capabilities of farming at near optimum rates. For them, buying out Infernus’s traits and levels to get him up to speed may be a reasonable investment considering the amount of content that can be cleared by adding a fully-functioning Infernus alone to a new account would be a reasonable rate of return on the purchase.


I think that was noob’s point, minus the ‘dang’ bit. See:

It was this bit, which could be seen as disrespectful to/a personal attack on anyone who chooses to buy this, despite you saying “go ahead”, which was taken issue with, I believe:

I guess for clarity, this assumes that calling someone a sucker is disrespectful/rude, etc.

Fwiw, I agree with being respectful towards other people.

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Still, if they keep playing and wait a bit more, those traitstone/wisdom orbs will come eventually. So it’s still a deal about progressing faster, like most of the deals in this game.

Is it prey on the lack of knowledge of new players? Maybe. But really, it’s just how business deal work. Information manipulation is a big part of it.


That’s definitely true. As with most deals that are presented to players in-game, the target audience is newer players and not vets who have access to strong guilds that can farm the rarer traitstones and orbs at reasonable rates.

Yes, it is. And that concept applies to many concepts in modern-day life beyond general business. That’s a topic that I don’t want to touch with a hundred-meter pole in an open forum, outside of nodding in agreement. :no_mouth:


At first glance, I thought it was Infernus plus the Souls and Stones to level and trait it out.

So, I was like “Alright, thats cool. You can craft/pull, trait and level it, for free (in game resources), or pay $35 and get everything. I see the ‘deal’ in that, for some people.”

Then, I looked again. $35 for only the resources to trait it and level it up. Are you kidding me?! That’s insane! (and not the good kind of “insane” either)

35 bucks for that is a massive rip off.

With that said, I wonder where the pre sale figure of 70 bucks comes from.

I can’t imagine how much my account is worth if the devs paid me just 10% if what they think their stuff is worth.