300$ Gems not worth it

300$ of worth gems and use them to open gems chest,
Result not 1 single mythic and some useless legendary and tons of other crap not worth mentioning.
Unless they fix the reward table not spending a dime anymore.
Seem they nerfed the drop rate from these chest now not worth opening with gems.


Ouch. At least you get an increased VIP level:

$300 is a lot spent to get nothing. As someone who lost all their resources NOT getting Jotnar (and in the past other mythics like Aby), I can tell you wholeheartedly NEEEEEEEEEEVER spend actual money on gems. There’s just way too much rng involved with chests to make gems a good value at their current price.

The value is made all the worse by the fact that cards you don’t want are worthless. Like in hearthstone, TESL, etc you can break down cards you don’t want to craft cards you do want. So a person can always in some way get value from packs that gave them nothing. Here, you spend money and don’t get what you want, you’re SOL.


I have been playing about 3 months daily and can say the drop rates in this game from glory and gem chests are horrible and pathetic for legendaries and even worse for mythics.

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That many gems for gem keys only to find a Mythic? I thought the odds were in your favor if you open VIP chests.

The odds are in your favor but they’re still odds. Sucks for OP but RNG is a tough mistress sometimes. He could theoretically spend 100x that and still not get a single Mythic. It’s highly unlikely but still very much in the realm of possibility.


How many keys do you think you have used though? You usually get a legendary in 50 gem keys, sometimes more, I got 3 in 18 last week, and glory maybe 1 in 150-250 or so. We complete all the guild tasks every week and get a decent amount of legendary troops in the process. Plus 4 of our guys have got wulfgarok this week too. Spending money on the gems directly to try and get specific troops is rather foolish, especially if you’ve played this game a fair while already and are familiar with the RNG. I don’t mean to be rude there, I sympathise but it’s really not that kind of game. Best advice I can give is get into a bloody good guild, play as much as possible whilst still maintaining a life outside of gems of war and be patient. The cards you want will drop eventually. I myself are level 953, am the guild leader in quimby, PS4 ranked 11, and I only have gard’s avatar and abynissia (2 ffs).
Please be patient and appreciate your improved vip status.


Only the first part was a reply to razguul.
The rest is for the OP

You can spend $50 on the Path to Glory or Growth Pack and guarantee a mythic. If all you care about is getting a mythic, then that’s the way to go. Buying gem chests is a way to get lots of different useful stuff, not to guarantee a mythic.


Console don’t have Path to Glory yet. Should be next update.


Oh, sorry, I didn’t see the console tag. In that case, there are definitely better ways to spend your money (e.g., the Deathknight Armor, or even the Typhoon of Keys), as opposed to Gem Chests. The VIP Chest is certainly a better deal as well.

The main thing to bear in mind is that because it’s a random drop, you can have bad runs of luck that don’t reflect the underlying drop rates. It’s only really apparent if you’re opening up thousands of keys.


The fact that you can have runs of bad luck to the point of basically getting nothing useful for this kind of expenditure, however, does reflect the current drop system as a whole. Buyer beware and all that aside, I hate seeing experiences like this it makes people lose confidence in making purchases as a whole, but the fact that it can happen, period, is a problem. While the Path to Glory II and Growth Path II (on PC/Mobile) do both guarantee a mythic, it still does not guarantee a mythic you want, or even one you don’t have and if it is not one you need, it is still entirely useless $50 purchase.

I dont know about “nerfed” drop rates, though. Based on my experience and stated drop ratios of x10 for gem chests and x100 for VIP chests, mythics would be somewhere between around 1 in 5000 to 1 in 10000 from glory chests (and starting to lean more toward the latter, possibly even worse), and $300 worth of gems buying “only” 500 gem chests (mythic drop rate roughly equivalent to opening 5000 glory chests), you’d have a “not great” chance at a mythic in the first place for that type of expenditure (still less than 64% cumulative probability to get at least one mythic with the high 1 in 5k drop rate estimate, and less than 40% cumulative probability to get at least one with 1 in 10k drop rate estimate). Given a 1/42 (by my estimate, most people say 1/50) chance at a legendary from a gem chest and still 30 some odd legendaries on the drop table the table on console, getting a specific legendary you might need isn’t exactly in the cards, either. Speaking honestly, it was never actually worth it to spend gems (obtained from any source) on gem chests unless there is both an exclusive mythic drop this week you actually want and you do not have access to VIP Chests, or you still need to unlock a vast majority of your legendaries. Sorry. Now you should have VIP 5+, though, which means future gems obtained through any source can be hoarded and spent on VIP chests for the best possible chance per gem spent at getting a mythic.


Most people have probably missed this but I find this comment from Sirrian to be hopeful that this issue will be solved or at least somewhat less problematic in the future:


Definitely not purchasing any gems the odds are not worth spending any money might as well trow free money for nothing, i have a feeling even if i had spent 1000$ the results would have been the same.

lol this is too much sad

Use gem keys for gem chests! Use gems for VIP chests! I got Wulfgarok with 50 VIP chests! You also get $100K to dump in your guild plus a bunch of arcanes in every drop! Gem chests seem to suck because I have the majority of the troops so the likelihood of me getting something I don’t have is small!

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I only dish out my credit cards during promotional events to show support for the game, not for any personal agenda to get a particular kind of cards.

Beside, statistically, the chance of getting a target card out of the entire existing pool in game is kinda low. Probably not as low as winning the State lottery, but should be around the range of winning a End-of-Year company party lottery draw. Sooo… I kinda stopped holding expectations on those pulls.

In short, the only thing really worth spending money on is the Dragon Armor.


i did not calculate the gain but to be honest i am kind of shocked/surprised a new players would say path of glory (the one with arcanes and mythic) is pointless for them to buy after just one path of glory purchased

how on earth do they wanna collect those mythics then? (not to mention all of the arcanes that will surely be useful)

i think overall its a good deal precisely for the ppl who are missing most of the mythics, am i wrong? :confused:

I try to get them all just in case they buff them or something, but really? Most mythics are pretty terrible.

Gard for invades, Famine for defense. Anything else, probably doesn’t matter.

id say Pharos-ra is the most amazing one, better then the Gard and Famine

but if you stay in game long enough in the end you will see the mythics is all you miss, sadly the early game is best time to buy those path of glory since you are missing most of the mythics and the drop is random, later you would prefer to target specific ones and the path to glory would be not as good

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If a player is purchasing it primarily for the Mythic then I only think it’s a good deal if they have zero Mythics since, even if they have only one Mythic the chance of the P2G giving them an identical Mythic is way too high (imho) to spend $50 on. If they have no Mythics then it’s definitely worth it.

Like many others have said in other threads, if P2G guaranteed a specific Mythic (on rotation) or that you’d get a Mythic you were missing, then the value would be there. But without that, it’s a big risk.

Now if you’re more interested in the other items in the P2G and don’t really care so much about the Mythic, it depends on how much those other items are worth to you.