Fastest Challenge Farm Post Devil-ocalypse?

Hi everyone,

Now that Dust Devils are no longer viable for Challenge farming, what teams are you using to farm for traitstones from Challenges? So far the best I’ve been able to come up with involves trying to feed purple to a Sorcerer*** Hero with either Black Manacles or Crescendo, so I’ve been using primarily Magic Link troops as support, including one Giant Spider in case purple just won’t drop. Has someone found a team that’s, on average, faster than this?

Another team I’ve tried is:

The Great Maw***

Yellow/yellow banner.

Fire Mercy if you can, then ignore everything but yellow (preferred) or brown to fill Maw, then hope there’s enough yellow matches to fill up the paladins. Haven’t put it through too many paces yet.

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Green Slime, Giant Spider, Valkyrie, Keeper of Souls. With both Necromancy traits unlocked you also farm souls while you work on traitstones.

Another team that seems to work for quick Challenge farming is:

Crimson Bat* (ideally , but I don’t have the stones)


Blue/blue banner.

Just match blues and fire Bat when you can.

Crescendo and Bat seem to work well together to finish teams off quickly, both in PvP and Challenges. My current setup is:

Crimson Bat*
Banner of Progress (R/Y)

Using a fully traited Archer right now, the Fast trait is effective for quick farming.

I’m not going to farm challenges any more but my pre DD lineup was

It’s fast, controls mana and with valk and kos hits the soul cap quickly

Someone mentioned this team on the forum:


Adana Banner

Fast team which also harvests many souls on the run.

Can I just point out I find the thread title pretty unhelpful… The devs made a balance change that was obviously needed to a troop that was broken and was trivialising game play (and ubiquitously in use)… I can see that would upset players who now have to actually play the game to farm challenges, but it’s hardly the end of the world

Now on the OP question - well hang on challenges aren’t exactly hard are they? I’d suggest AoE damage rather than skulls to help with speed… And take Valkyrie along to maximise the resource gain from such non-fun grinding… Beyond that almost any team would work…

Sorry, the intent here was to make a play on Dust Devil, as in, Devil-ocalypse. I wasn’t trying to slight the dev team, as I hope is clear by comments in other threads.

No, challenges are not hard. I was looking for the most efficient build I could find, though, and that was worth a topic, I felt.

For anyone interested, for low-heath challenges, I settled on:

Crimson Bat*

EDIT: Fixed the title in case there were lingering hard feelings.

Ah thanks, my bad then…

By return - try for a team with Rowanne? Her AoE damage is now sky high…

I roll with
Valkyrie ***
Crimson Bat
Mercy ***
Hero - Prismatic Orb - any class, preferably with a fire/air/water link. I use Priest.

For the banner, either double blue or blue/yellow (if you don’t have fire or air link on your hero), to ensure you can fill Valkyrie in 2 3-match most of the time.

Then play on the hardest difficulty you can 2 shot ennemy team with Crimson Bat.

I go soothsayer***/crimson/valkyria***/crimson.
+2 yellow banner.
Sooth is ready to cast, fils up your other troops, valk can be charged with 2 yellow at most, or one with a surge and sooth destroying 2 yellows on his cast. After that you convert some color to blue, feed your bats and it’s he end. It will take you less then a minute.

man I read threads like this and it makes me sad. I have a lot of legendaries but the ones I’m missing seem to be the best Gorgotha, Crimson Bat and Moloch. And i’m kicking myself for not 3 traiting Mercy when I could have. :frowning:

I know the Feeling to good…

Same here, chose Webspinner over Empowered Mercy and wish I would’ve waited. Not to say that a fully traited Spinner isn’t scary, but Empower is such a nasty trait.

I can make you feel better by saying i have none? :slight_smile:

What can I say… I chose also the Webspinner… :worried: In my Opinion Swamp Stones are one of the most valuable Stones atm.

Mercy is top = fully traited pretty flexibel and strong…
Druid = Pretty good Dmg and the Option to make him “Fast”

I might rank it according to what I already have or what I want, but I’d say the 5 best stones to get are :
Yellow / Earth (Gorgotha / Maw)
Yellow / Red (Moloch / Valkyrie)
Blue / Green (Mercy / Webspinner)
Blue / Yellow (Celestasia / Coronnet)
Blue / Red (Bat / Hydra)

I disagree on the Blue/Red. Bat doesn’t really gain much from its traits and Hydra isn’t really that useful of a troop.

Team I used before DD , Valk***,Giant Spider**, Hero (Morth Scythe),Soothsayer** , generally once you fire off Morth Scythe you kill all but the 1 healthy and with luck the skull produced ends the last troop.