Arcane Specific Farm Comps

Hey guys,

After reading through more than a few questions and guides, even watching @Tacet video on the Divinion farm comp, I’m curious as to optimal teams for specific challenges. i.e. using (Red Riding Hood) in a comp to make a certain beast heavy challenge the optimal one to farm for that specific arcane stone.

As a default, I iterated between two farm teams.

  1. Druid** (leg and gets pretty tanky),Tyri, Valk***, Druid. Great comp for just blowing through random challenges gaining maps and souls while you are at it.

  2. Treant** (traited mercy this week, and haven’t had luck on the third arcane yet), Valk , Alchemist,Banshee**. This one generates a ton of souls but can get a bit annoying with no AoE.

– Also, wanted to discuss favorite challenges for farming the stones.
Adana - First Challenge seems the best (as is with a lot of them)
Sword’s Edge - first is a cinch, peasant in first slot leaves plenty of time to generate maps and souls if desired, or simply to blow through the challenge quickly.
Maugrim Woods - I prefer the Ranger Danger challenge, the mobs have lower health, and nonthreatening abilities.

I just use my strongest PvP team when farming Traitstones. No Challenge team is anywhere near as good as the teams you face in PvP.

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Griffon Knight
Hero with Prismatic Orb

Use it for everything. More vulnurable to the usual tripple Bonedragon luckstreak the AI often has, but it charges and buffs Rowanne fast and wipes the floor with the enemy in 2-3 of her casts while delivering 100 souls per quick match.

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Thanks @EyeOfMars, I have a similar comp for PVP, traited Coronet instead of Griffon Knight. I’ll try that out on Challenges too.

I’ve been using @Tacet’s suggestion of

Hero w/ War and Peace / 3x Soothsayers. Archer class with Fast. Soothsayer fully traited.

Very fast to fill hero’s mana and destroy enemy. If you’re just farming then always go on the first challenge of whatever kingdom you’re working on.

Knight Coronet
Knight Coronet (or Griffon Knight)

This team does a decent job of making souls and maps while not getting killed. I can loop Tyri and Valkyrie until the cows come home really.