Video: Quickest Method for Exp and Traitstone Farming

As many of you have seen, this week’s weekly event troop gives the yellow/purple arcane plains traitsone. Unfortunately, the event troop is an ultra-rare meaning each traitstone costs the highest possible price of 300 glory per traitstone. Don’t worry though! There is a method to farm yellow/purple traitstones quickly. Using this team on the first challenge in Divinion Fields can farm exp and traitstones at the fastest rate possible within the current meta.


Very useful info, great job as always

No problem. :slight_smile:

nice @Tacet tried this setup as you suggested in divinion. was a very fast team build. :+1::+1:

Grant new title - Team Building Slave of 4th Gem

This is way faster than DD! Thanks!

Wow this i even faster than the old Dust Devil thx for sharing.

I asked the devs about this quick method a couple days after Dust Devils were nerfed. They said that exp and traitstone farming is completely fine and that they don’t intend to nerf this team. I wonder if they will change their mind on that when just as many people using Dust Devils start to grind this challenge. All they would have to do to nerf it is buff this and all other challenges that are all weak troops. Hopefully they don’t get around to it. :wink:

Since many do not know, the main reason they decided to nerf Dust Devil was because it required no thought to win. All a person would have to do is spam Dust Devil’s ability to win without every considering a move or touching the board. The Dust Devil nerf wasn’t done because so many people were challenge farming; it was more so because people were PvP farming without touching the board. I was even going to make a video of me going from rank 15 to 1 without touching the board on the same day they decided to nerf it. :frowning:


The problem i see with this team is that it is a mid-game to late game build. Unless you have all the trait stones for it, it will be hard to use.
What are all the kingdom challanges you would farm that are really quick to farm?

I actually haven’t looked around to double check what they all are. I believe this is the last challenge that has a 100% chance of always working until more magic kingdoms are added.

This build is more towards the end game, but a lower player can still get War and Peace and a max traited Soothsayer, so just using War and Peace twice would still be decently quick for someone around their level. A level 50 could be doing that with a 2 shot method; though the 1 shot method is much more of a late game technique to power level to 1,000.

Fair piont. i use crescendo to grind and it 2 shots at the moment. Seems the hero update is good for grinding.

Excellente build, for the desired traitstones i need i’m farming on other kingdoms that take more than a coulpe of War and Peace uses and since i don’t have the Archer class traited, but it’s ok for me since it’s fast enough.

How does a lower player get War and Peace?

Isn’t this lovely farming strat uavailable to newer players?

It’s available from the Khaziel quest line. For the last three quests I think you need to have done the first quest of Adana to unlock though. Final quest in the chain gives War and Peace.

If I am not mistaking, the weapon for the Evolved Gorgotha extra quest at the end of Khaziel is War and Peace.

It would be less effective but is still possible to obtain for new players. You need to beat khaziel and have spark grinder

Nice video @Tacet. Thanks for the info. On a side note - 999+ keys?? Have you just stopped using them? Very nice.

I think he mentioned in his previous video that he’s saving them for 2.0?

The new kingdom is coming in a couple weeks. Everyone should be saving all their keys for the new update. My glory key stack is at 3.5k atm. I am hoping for over 9,000 by the update. :wink:

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I’ve started but still . . . I’m only over a 100. Just impressed that’s all. No doubt you’ve earned them. :thumbsup:

I would hand out my own keys if I could. xD

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