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Video: Quick Explore Traitstone+Soul Farming Teams

Hello everyone! Today I go over some effective teams for quickly accumulating souls and traitstones through the explore minigame. Explore is a great way to be able to focus down particular traitstones. It is unlocked for each kingdom once their kingdom quest line is complete. Each battle in explore is a random mashup of 4 troops that occasionally prioritize the troops of the kingdom where the battle takes place. Every battle done in explore gives a higher chance of obtaining rarer traitstones than that of a normal battle. Being able to consistently beat explore in 2 minutes or less, ideally 1 minute or less, can give a large amount of gold, souls, and most importantly traitstones.

Kingdom/Troop Traitstone List: http://community.gemsofwar.com/t/arcane-stone-upgrade-information-auto-update/13728



Sweet video.

Great video, very timely.

PS: I used one of your older Explore Teams. Bul’Tauros, Dust Devil x3. Worked great as well. Can’t wait to try these new ones in Explore… I have lots of troops to trait.

I know you said not to do this on anything harder than W1, but I tried a 2x Valkyrie/2x Druid team on W2 and unless The Great Maw jetes itself into the exploration encounter I can faceroll anything that comes my way. Even better, both Valks’ Necromancy traits can proc, leading to easy souls.

I normally keep it lower because the resources per hour is higher at the lower difficulties than the higher. With the Rowanne team that I normally use, 1 shotting with her saves 10-30 seconds per match compared to 2 shot. People with lower kingdoms would likely need 2 Rowanne casts and should scale the difficulty to 2 cast victory, which I assumed would be around Warlord 1 for most people.

I also keep it lower because I only need traitstones and for anyone interested mainly doing it for traitstones should always keep difficulty at normal.

Yeah my explore team doesn’t use Valkyrie because I no longer need to harvest souls. I use a Bombot based team that can usually result in a second or third turn team-wipe if I get a brown match on turn one.

I’ve been using the Bombot/Hero set up for a week or so, but I do like the Valk - Rowanne bomb set up a bit more. Bombot is a little faster, but the souls 89~ right now are vastly superior to the 11 I would get otherwise.

Great work, I have some constructive feedback that I would love to provide to you also. Would you mind if I sent you a PM?

Tried a small variation. But I found the problem is: its too fast to cast Valkyrie even once if you use Siren on Green or Blue. The double Siren will get Rowanne up and guarantee a single cast will team wipe.


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