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Oh Boi, I sure do love getting runic trait stones (not at all)

I was wondering dose anyone have any ideas on the fastest way to get trait stones? The best way I can think of is exploring on normal with a fast team, but I don’t have a fast team or enough knowledge to make one.

I would say play the explore mode. Then you could target specific stones offered by each kingdom.

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Tacet has a few good videos on how to set up viable teams for the newer players.
Here’s one that might help.

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If you have done, or do the Forest of Thorns questline to get Rowanne, pair her up with Valkyrie and Siren. Then blaze through explore. If you have double Rowanne that’s even better, if not just add a 4th troop that doesn’t steal mana. Preferably a hits all enemies.

I do have a good amount of tropes and souls i just never bothered to memories cards, I did find a video that helps though so thank you.

Valk Rowanne Rowanne Siren


Sooth Valk Bat Bat

I need more runic traitstones, and common traitstones.

I know for common traitstones treasure hunt get a lot.

Sometimes waiting for the VIP package in the Store helps. I just bought a package the other week to get my lava stones… I had done two whole classes (500 battles won) to get only two lava stones (yes I was in Grosh-Nak - but last week or the week before the new vip troop had lava stones…and thats how I got the ones I needed.

For minor traitstones, I am pretty sure you are better off doing challenges in your kingdom of choice. Since explore nets you runic/arcane/celestial at an increased rate, it stands to reason that minor and major stones should come up less frequently. So if you really really really need those minor fire traitstones and nothing else, just hammer out challenges in Pridelands.


Fire, i am good. brown and purple are what i need. Also due to last weeks “scramble” i should be ok with minors.

I would say though that you’ll probably need Runics, Arcanes, and Celestials anyway in the future, so Explore is still a better bet for anyone farming Minors. (Unless you’re @Rasper. :smiley: ) To that end, I suggest farming minor reds in a kingdom that also has an Arcane you need, because there’s nothing worse than accidentally getting an Arcane Rage when it wasn’t on your shopping list.

Stupid minor reds…

grumble grumble

(for those that don’t use ToDo, the number in grey is how many stones needed to trait all remaining troops, number in red/green is how many i have currently)

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