Farming Traitstones

Hi Guys,

getting the traitstones u needed is really painfull, currently im farming them by doing the challenge on the specific Kingdom.
The difficulty only increase the chance to get a traitstone ( normal is 80% if im right).
So my plan is GRINDING GRINDING GRINDING on normal.

Currently im Using
2x Crimsonbat
Double Blue Banner.

its ok and relativ fast but is there a faster team out there?

Greetings Moonyson

If you’re looking for a specific traitstone I’d suggest fighting in a kingdom that drops that specific traitstone, but if your looking for large quantities of (random) traitstones, then I think you’d be more succesful in the treasure hunt minigame. You can’t aim for specific traitstones in treasure hunt but unless you have a PVP team that wins 100% of the time in less than 15 moves, you’ll most likely get more traitstones through the treasure hunt minigame…

You can find the list of stones to kingdom here:

People seem to forget that you can get traitstones from guild tasks. :wink:

You mean through glory keys / gems?
It sure helps but one can’t rely on that alone :confused:

Back on topic, OP was asking for farm decks rather than information on traitstone gathering !
I usually roll with a team composed of
Yellow, red or blue link trait holder
Crimson Bat

You need at least one mana generation booster (banner or elemental link) of yellow or red (preferably Yellow) to get Valkyrie loaded ASAP (2 turns generally).
Mercy’s empowered trait is also a colossal help to do that.
Play on the highest difficulty you can set while being able to wipe out your ennemies with Crimson Bat in 2 spells.

I am currently after venom and like you I challenge on normal. My team is built to kill as fast as possible for this specific challenge and I use. Morthani’s Scythe, Giant Spider**, Valkyrie*** and Soothsayer***.

Depending on board I fire off Sooth and then work to filling the Scythe be that by board purple or Valk - Spider combo. It happens fast and the first 3 enemy troops have 22 health or less and with the 1 sooth boost my scythe does 22 damage to kill the 3 and that spawns 7 skulls which will often 3 match on board and 4th troop dead.

I figure 1-3 mins a match with most being around half that.

Edit: Forgot Old Gods Banner for +2 purple :slight_smile:

Sure you can. I am only playing PVP and Arena for trophies and gold. Rarely play treasure maps and no challenges at all. You just have to have a little more patience to get the right traitstones (either through keys or bundles). The plus side is that in the meantime everybody else in the guild is profiting :slight_smile:

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i’m trying to farm swampstones for mercy because if i only wait for the stones to come by glory and gems it will take a lot of time.
And Roy u are right pvp is much better for the guild but sometimes i want some special traits so im trying to push for them.
Another hope for me is that maybe next week they will be buyable.

Well, that’s what I do too, but I don’t consider myself to be in possession of a lot of traited troops.

But that might be another story for top guilds that have more people paying on tasks ^^

Most people can’t effectively rely on tasks alone :wink:

If you only want the traitstone use:
Dust Devil***
Dust Devil***
Dust Devil***
Dust Devil***

No need to even look at the board, just cast them from top to bottom.
For normal challenges 3 casts kills entire team.
This is by far the fastest BUT you won’t get any souls due to missing valk. Or well, you get 4 :stuck_out_tongue:


Now why didn’t i think of that.

Just thought I might consider a Crescendo team, but I’d need either Archer, Sprcerer or Necromancer class. I’d still use Valkyrie of course…

Something like :
Red / purple banner
Giant Spider
Hero - Crescendo
Shadow Dragon

It’s not optimal for killing, as it is made to use Valkyrie.
Optimized to kill version would be

Yellow/purple banner
Green Seer
Shadow Dragon


Purple / Green banner
Green Seer
Giant Spider

I’ve been using:

Crescendo (sorc)
Crimson Bat

Super effective. Can take basically any team, and usually pretty quickly.

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im using
green/red banner
Goblin shaman***

some of my guild mates are using treant instead of gob shaman

i can do challenges on warlord 3 with this team, but warlord 1 works well enough and is faster. I get 1 to 4 maps a challenge. I figure i get about 4 trait stones on average with this setup per challenge battle (1 from challenge and 3 from treasure maps)

I’ve been using

Treant / Valkyrie / Alchemist / Banshee with a red / yellow banner

Sometimes it’s too fast and I don’t get Val fired off enough to max the souls. Pretty popular build.

I have used this build a lot in PvP. Fully traited, Treant gains life so fast that if one of the old trueshot-agile teams didn’t get him in the first two turns, they weren’t going to get him at all. I know sooner or later the devs will nerf it. :frowning:

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@captain_video don’t give them any ideas :wink:

I use 2x serpent, 2x valk and if all traits are gathered and tbh they are easily gained as a common and a rare walk in a bar it is easy to gather souls and serpent has high attack and you have sorta control over the board. also did i mention how cheep it is to level up. It is my go to team for trait stone gathering and poison never dies but it does kill.

Sounds a little slow, if you ever manage to fully trait Jarl I’d recommend throwing that in the team over the second valk. The extra status damage paired with the mana generators makes the team faster than waiting for skull drops.

I also imagine you hit the souls cap rather fast with that team but still end up spending an extra 2-3 minutes to finish things up.

It takes about 3 minutes to finish a game as poison now kills however i wish that poison would proc on extra turns.