Getting traitstones

What kingdom should I play to get gogrtha traitstones.

You can´t because we don´t have that kingdom on consoles.

Oh that sucks

When it comes out, Arcane Mountain traitstones should be able to be found in Drifting Sands.

If you didn’t get the Gob Chomper troop (Broken Spire) event, it comes with 2 Arcane Mountain for 400 glory.

As far as I can remember, it was the first Yellow / Brown troop having an event rewarding traitstones, so you may want to keep glory for him :wink:

What is the fastest way to get traitstones

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Grind Challenges in the specific kingdom of the Traitstones you need.

Yeah I knew that I guess I should have asked what is the best team to use so the battle doesn’t last long

Oh, that really depends on what you have. Do you have Crimson Bat? A team built around it can be pretty fast.

Depends who you are up against, but people tend to use a Valkyrie / Crimson Bat combo, or Valkyrie / Giant Spider / Cescendo (hero weapon)

I don’t have Crimson bat.