Is there any easier way to acquire traitstones?

Sorry for the newb question - is there a faster way to get these? I need arcane venom - I’ve received 1 so far (and no idea how i got it) after playing for a month and a half or so - I need 6 of them - is there a faster/better way to get them or is it all RNG fro keys


Explore in Zhul’Kari @Edgey. It’s the only Kingdom that offers Venom traitstones.

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Cool - thanks. Is it RNG? Just keep exploring until you get them?

“Easiest” way is to wait for a Glory Pack troop to show up in your color; they are always bundled with some Arcanes of their color. This thread has the spreadsheet that tracks the upcoming troops.

If you can’t wait, Explores are your best option.

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Keep exploring. You’ll only get traitstones of the kingdom color(s), the explore screen lists them. Other than that, there seems to be a Blighted Lands event in two months that allows you to buy an arcane venom for 300 glory each.

It is RNG.

The odds of getting an arcane after a battle in most game modes is around 3% (roughly), or about 1 every 30 battles. The odds of getting an arcane in explore is double that, so around 6% or 1 in 16 (based on player collected data). By using explore, you are both doubling your odds of getting an arcane and ensuring that the arcanes that you get will be the ones that you want. To pick up 5 more Arcane Venoms will take you approximately 75 battles on average, though with RNG, it could take significantly more or less.


I think you are better off spamming PvP battles for random traitstones and glory, and just stock up on glory for the said event 2 months later. This way you can get gold, and your guild would appreciate the extra trophies.