Tips for getting specific trait stones?

It seems like everyone I see on PVP has their heroes traited out pretty thoroughly. I haven’t found a way that feels even remotely reliable to get the arcane level trait stones. I do explore on the highest difficulty settings, and that doesn’t seem to improve my chances of getting anything better than a major or runic (if I am lucky) stone. I literally have only ever gotten arcane from the better chests (gem, and event if I recall). It feels like it would be a practical impossibility to get 10 arcane of a specific type because I would probably have to do about 500 explores in a kingdom, or spend thousands of gems because gem chests aren’t predictable for what arcane stone you might get.

Am I missing something for a way to get the higher level trait stones with any degree of reliability?

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Difficulty does not affect traitstone drop rates. It only affects the multipliers for Souls, Gold, and XP. This means that traitstone farming in explore is most efficiently done with a very fast team on Normal difficulty. This will allow you to finish more battles in the shortest amount of time. @Tacet has some recent videos with good traitstone farming teams.

Another good way to get lot of traistones is wait when a glory bundle offer a troop with the traistones you need and buy as much as you need

Not sure what you mean by a troop with the traitstone I need? Is there something I have missed where you can convert troops to traitstones or something? I suppose I can start keeping a closer eye on glory bundles though. I hadn’t seen them as a path for getting trait stones at all.

I mean when the troop in glory bundle is the same color then the arcane you need they usually give 1 or 2 arcane stone and 4 minor of the same color depending of the troop rarity, so just check when it is the traistone you need and buy as much as you need

Yep if you playing on the highest level of explore. All you doing is causing g unnecessary stress on yourself

The best way to get Arcanes is to buy the glory packs each week.
It is the only thing you should buy with glory.

I don’t bother with farming trait stones anymore. The chances are so bad that I end the game frustrated. The other day I only needed one and it took me 2 days.

I rather wait until wanted stones hopefully appear in the glory packs in the shop.

My rankings of traitstone finding methods:

  • Weekly Glory Packs
  • VIP Keys
  • Explore
  • Normal game playing
  • Gem Keys
  • Glory Keys
  • Treasure Hunt (maps, what to do with you?)
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Yeah I just wish that there was some way to make getting a specific arcane traitstone less arduous. It’s either waiting for weeks on end until you get a glory pack that has the one you need, or grinding mindlessly in the explore mode. It seems that even if you had VIP keys, it would still be leaving you at the luck of the draw to get the one you need to get a specific trait you want. I’m at the point where traits are the only thing limiting my teams, and it is taking the fun out of progressing.