Trying to fully trait Hellcat and Courage

So I need a lot of fire and magic traitstones. Whta is the best/fastest way to obtain all of these?


Farm Pridelands until you get all the reds you need. Hellcat is easy compared to Courage.

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For Hellcat, you need Arcane Plains. You can farm these in Explore mode in Divinion Fields. They will also be available for Glory in the next Khetar event. I can’t say when that will be exactly, but probably in the next 4 to 5 weeks.

For Courage, you need Arcane Rage traitstones which you can farm in Pridelands. They won’t be available for glory anytime in the foreseeable future so you’ll have to farm these ones.

Odds of getting an Arcane in explore mode are about 1 in 16 battles.

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Rob your local bank and buy all the gem packs you can before the cops find out…

How is that NOBODY else suggested this before me?? :confused:



So for Courage, I get that if I farm Pridelands that it has a chance to drop arcane rage but is it guarenteed to only drop major/runic fire traitstones ?

And by farm you mean just keep playing explore there?


Pridelands is ONLY red, so every traitstone it drops will be RED

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Thank you. Should I also make this my home kingdom?

Yes, every traitstone that you get in Pridelands will be red (unless you get a Celestial). Yes, just keep exploring there. If you just want traitstones, use your fastest possible team on normal difficulty. If you also want to maximize souls, you might want to use a fast team with a soul generator and work at a higher difficulty so that the difficulty multiplier gives you a boost. Difficulty has no effect on the odds of getting different traitstones, but does give more gold, experience and souls while exploring.

Home kingdom has no effect on traitstone drops on console. On PC/Mobile, it does affect traitstone drops in PVP, but only for your opponent.

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The number of Arcanes you need for Courage is so high, home kingdom would be irrelevant even if it mattered. Explore is the only way to get where you want to go and even then, it may take several days of continuous playing nothing but explore, so be prepared.

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For what it’s worth… It’s SO worth it!

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Yes, it is.

Took me 24 hours of gameplay using a team that does explores in 1-3 rounds on average to get courage traits… then I did it again for humility xD

What team did you use?

Deep Borer/bombot/mechanist (3 traits)/and another mech, now I use Elspeth (3traits)/bombot/black manacles (mechanist 3 traits)/bombot… both are pretty much 1-3 round explores on normal

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You know @Stan that particular statistic about “getting one Arcane every 16 battles in Explore” is totally at odds with what @h0m1n1d reported for his 24 hour marathon using a speed team to farm 15 to 30 Arcanes.

If anything, my impression during Explore attempts in Pridelands is that the drop rate for Arcane Rage (and perhaps other mono-coloured Arcanes?) is even lower than the “typical” dual coloured Arcanes. I am not sure if that is by accident or by intention, because I have also had tremendous difficulty getting the RED (Fire) based Hero weapons to drop during level ups on console, and the latter necessitated Support tickets in order to unlock them at all. :confused: YMMV

just a heads up, Hellcat isn’t particularly amazing traited, so if you only were able to trait courage that would be just fine.

Hellcat doesn’t actually need to be traited at all.