Finding rare Traitstones dependant on difficulty level?

So I’ve been trying to get a certain kind of traitstone, namely the Arcane Rage Traitstone. I thought I would have a better chance of finding it if I increased the difficulty of the battles. However, I was told that level of difficulty did not increase my chance and that it would be better to battle in normal difficulty. Is this true?

Yep, they are rare and they stay rare… or that is my experience anyway… :woozy_face:

This is true. Your best option is repeated explores in Pridelands, if I am correct that n thinking arcane rage is double red.

Always explore on normal. Does not affect drop rate. Go for speed.


Except if you’re going for XP, at Warlord level it yields more. :vulcan_salute:

The question was does difficulty affect the drop rate of traitstones, which it does not

thanks guys! exploring on warlord III difficulty just for the elusive rage traitstone is a pain


Just go Normal Difficulty and then either Sunbird, Firebombs or Princess Elspeth, 2 x Bombots, Troglodyte

Usually takes about 15 seconds a game on 4x speed :+1: