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Advice for a beginner's farming team?

Hey guys,

I play for a month and I would like your advice to build a farm team. I am looking for a compromise between speed (for traitstone) and soulfarm (to have some use of my mythics…).

Below the list of my mythics and legendary troops:

Pharos-Ra x2 (Yeah, I know…) Shortly full traited

I don’t have TDS
Bone dragon
Crimson bat
Dracos 1337
Hyndla frostcrown
Imp of love
Jarl Firemantle
Keeper of souls
Kings Mikhail and Silenus
Kruarg the dread
Queens grapplepot, Mab and Ysabelle
Sheggra (full traited)

I have Elspeth full traited. I made some try with her, zombies, but I dont find a substitute for TDS. I also wonder what’s the best difficulty to farm souls/arcanic stone :thinking:

Could you enlighten me?

I would use orb of wisdom on Pharos-Ra last trait If you can

Dark Troll
Giant Spider

Just pollute the board with purple. Troll death marks on skulls and generates souls. Spider has Magic Link to speed charging of Pharoseses. No color overlap between the two and neither blocks the purple for your big hitters.


Good team idea yes

If you don’t have Dark Troll you can use Valkyrie instead. Damn, led with ‘no TDS’ lol. Um, Wight is a usable alternative but not as ideal.

This week is perfect for Explore farm with Clockwork Sphinx (+400 gold). Gold farm is equal or even faaster than PvP.

Any Necromancy troop, Warlock maybe? Clockork Sphynx for this week.

Dragon Banner

Cast Valkyrie once and one shot enemy team with Pharos.
Adjust the difficulty so that enemies are still in one shot range (Warlord 3-4).

Thanks XLS78, I tried it and it works fine. I almost get a full board of purple by chaining the ginat spider and the troll Then today, on gold keys…


I guess I will try something like TDS / Elspeth / Pharos / Pharos and sacrifice Pharos

Firebomb or Soothsayer are probably better accelerators for this setup than Elspeth. For these, take available mana matches then fire your empowered generator to get yourself out of a bad board/top off TDS and start your chain. Elspeth will spawn brown or blue 2/3 of the time, leaving you in a bad spot to even fill your TDS on the resulting board OR alignment to cast Pharos to fill up TDS.


I would use:

Aziris (or troop of the week)
Abyssal Banner

Just play on normal difficulty and TDS will often wipe out the team in 2 casts. You will have all the souls you need WAY before having all the traitstones you need. So focus on doing as many battles per hour as possible rather than getting the most souls per battle.

If you want to do all the challenges though, do them on Warlord IV. You can only get the souls bonus once on these and the bonus is based on difficulty.

That’s definitely not with gold keys loll. More like glory keys or even gems

So I tested severals variants (Elspeth, firebomb, soothsayer and event troop/aziris).

The one with firebomb is the most reliable team, I think it’s the best compromise speed/souls for me.
The one with just the event troop works pretty well, bus sometimes has more “long” run. For the current event it was worthy.

And yes @Maxthor2789 it was glory key, my bad.

Thx guys, I now have an efficient farm team

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