Famine badly needs a nerf


Its a good card to use in GW and PvP, idd. A nerf will also affect players use of it when they are invading with it, I doubt too many people have thought about it.


You mean when they use Famine to counter situations they would otherwise need 2 or 3 troops instead of Famine if they didn’t have it? No not forgetting that at all. :wink:


The have and have nots, once I get the card that is when the nerf with happen, but just like all games adjustments need to be made as the game grows, with all these mana fillers now he is just to easy to fill up, attacking or defending, a lot of these weren’t here when he was buffed back in the day, but I’m done complaining bc that’s not me :grinning:


I wonder how many that does not actually have Famine yet, that wants a nerf on it. :wink:


I thought u were quitting? Have you decided to stick around


There is no way they can go on and nerf more of the good cards now. Soon Death Mark will be nerfed/destroyed. Everyone wants a perfect win streaks in the GW, thats the biggest problem. And what do they attack? The good cards that actually are able to beat them sometimes.


Yeah, Im now at Mean Machine.


Let’s just have mythic peasants wars


Ok, let’s just keep them all the same and be done with it, forgettaboutit. On to the next topic, new better troops who we will want nerfed asap! :grin:


im done in this topic, and gonna mute it, cya in another one, tho. :wink:


How do I mute unit too?


I remember the eighties, and if I only learned one thing, it’s that the correct way to deal with Famine is with a star-studded sing-along. Maybe @efh313 can organize something like “GemsAid”…


Click on Tracking and select Muted…


:musical_note: We are the world…
We are Krystara… :musical_note:

:two_women_holding_hands: :two_men_holding_hands: :two_women_holding_hands: :two_men_holding_hands: :two_women_holding_hands:


Would that not be an amazing trait idea for Elwyn? -All allies are less affected by manadrain abilities, boosted by allied musician troops [Boost x5]


That’s not the problem at all. A boring, monotonous meta is the problem.

The only respite from Famine this week is that they (stupidly) buffed Beasts.

I’ve said it a million times and you don’t really care to listen apparently.

It’s not about wins and losses. It’s not about wins and losses. It’s not about wins and losses.

Does that help?


You are looking at the mana cost and drain from the wrong side. You don’t want your opponent to get things up and ready to kill your drainers before they can do their drains and kill their troops. People need to stop looking at the easily counterable part of the troop as the problem.

The problems with Famine that I can see are the traits, which were probably balanced around a 1 of on a team, and maybe the amount of damage it does. The mana cost is right where it needs to be to be an effective drainer. One Famine on a team isn’t really a problem. Its only when there are 2 or more that it becomes a problem.


If its not about wins and losses then how do you explain this[quote=“Santandrix, post:5, topic:24338”]
I am I only seem to lose my guild war matches. When famine is involved.

It may not be about wins and losses to you, but it sure looks like that is what is about to everyone else begging for a nerf.


I’m with @htismaqe that variety (or lack of) in pvp has always been the biggest problem for this game.

I’m normally one of those most likely to be calling for balance adjustments. In this case, however, I don’t feel too strongly about Famine. I think a mana cost increase back to 24 would feel about right. Leave his traits alone.


My Mrs and I had an argument over this, she was saying I’m moaning because I don’t have him. I was moaning because the bastard ruins gw a lot of the time because he’s a ridiculous 20 to fill and imo his mana cost should be 25. I don’t care if I don’t have him the whole point is that mana cost is just ridiculous and stupid. 3 points is too much, doesn’t death only steal 2 life? He can steal 3 magic every turn if you’re really unlucky. Yes, giant spider and green seer aren’t affected too much by magic yah yah yah. That’s not the point, the point is that his mana cost. It’s just wrong.