What's with everyone hiding behind Famine, tonight?

All the two and three trophy teams seem to have at least one, and it’s become a real annoyance.

Virtually none for me. *shrug*

Enemy selection is weird.

It has been this way for me for quite some time now… Famine just used to only be the 2nd most annoying troop on those teams.
Now that Boned Dragon got the nerf bat, Famine could finally pass him on the holy ladder of annoyance and claim the throne :wink:


I see Famine in about 60% of my matches. About half of those are Famine / Death / Famine teams.

Because Famine only costs 20 a full team mana drain.


And usually a one shot to go with it.


Which is why I won’t play any team that it’s on. I saw too many times where the AI mana dropped it from 0-20 in one turn.


Two battles yesterday Famine cast against me 4 times before I finally got a spell off. Wasn’t a good day.


I really don’t see Famine as a threat / issue. Yeah he’s strong, but not game-breaking: yes by rights his spell should cost a couple more mana given how rubbish other Mythics mostly are - but buffing the other Mythics would help too.

I see him fairly often, but not yet as much as Bone Dragon (still) and just as much as Death, EK or Mab.

If you can’t get on top of the game before Famine casts, you are either exceptionally unlucky (I can remember an AI Famine casting at me once in the last, er, since, I can remember…): he can be mana drained if you get desperate, and battered down easily enough before that 20 mana builds up. Gard also silences him.

I love those 4x Mythic teams - easiest matches in a while. Utter sitting ducks versus EK/Mab or Loops or Gard. Doddle.

EDIT: I soften my stance for those console players: sorry I missed if this was a console-based thread: not clear from the text or category. On console, RNG is way more streaky with cascades, and I can believe the AI Famine may well fill quickly with lucky drops. My experience / stance above is from the PC/Mobile game.


I’m seeing him nearly every match. Much like Bone Dragon before, he’s not that hard to beat. It’s just very boring facing him over and over and over.

Bad luck then. I will keep it under review.

You’re absolutely right that he isn’t as game breaking as pre nerf Bone Dragon, and i wasn’t trying to say that either. But he is annoying af, especially when you try out some less functional fun teams involving some more costly troops (yeah i am talking some of the shitty mythics here…they are all the system allowed me to have, not my fault i wasn’t blessed with getting Famine or Gards Avatar, but Ketras is fun too!..he really is… he has to be… it’s all i got man -.- ).

Aaaaanyways, i wasn’t trying to start or join a nerf Famine campaign, though honestly i wouldn’t mind Famines spell which objectively is easily the strongest of the mythics spells to cost some more mana, just to punish experimenting with teams a little less (oh your Ketras was about to be ready to fire? here is a lucky 4-match drop in for Famine, now watch go 50-ish collective team mana go down the drain and Ketras be oneshot, that’ll teach ya! ).
However at least for me Famine is omnipresent now, saying he is in every other 3 trophy team would be an understatement, and i could really do with a little less Famine right about now :wink:


And this.

But mostly this.

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Probably prepping for guild wars on defenses while everyone is testing teams for guildwars offense. The efficacy of mana drain goes way up when you are faced off against a team with one color all the way down.


That’s why I said “mostly this” to @Gouki last comment.

As I was testing GW invade teams, Famine became MUCH more powerful. Honestly, the 2 x Famine with 1 Death team can be a major PITA for Guild Wars.

Which sucks big time for those of us that have neither. It would nice if people had to put a little more thought into it.

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Famine is 100% the most overpowered troop now.

  • The lowest mana cost of any mythic

  • Jinx - which makes it harder for you to surge meaning even your poor little low mana cost valkyrie may end up not even getting its mana before famine does…let us not forget 2 famines making that even worse…

  • Full team mana wipe - combined with the above if hes not blocked the fact he can take 3 colors gets mana faster than a 2 color troop via cascades and is only 33% more mana than most standard troops who have 15.

  • Let us not forget the ability to 1 shot something… War, Ketras, Jotnar who are built to be more based on being a 1 shotting troop don’t even manage to do as well as famine does.

Even down to his colors Green, Yellow, Brown. 3 colors that generally are left alone or increased in the current meta. Most of the time people will take reds for valks,DS,deep borer, alchemist. I am aware valk and alchemist use 2 of famines colors but anybody who uses them knows generally you focus red with the red/yellow banner. Then you have the purple like even rushing the new nyx to stop it, again you have DS main mana generator, kraken, green seer, helcat, banshee. Again they all offer one of famines colors but they are far from the focus. Finaly Blue - spider,wraith,skullbeard,justice, webspinner, krytenax.

Short of running a manticore, silent one or and cockatrice team which are a hard counter to themselves manticore being on the weaker side and silent one being…tricky and cockatrice giving away potential huge brown mana surges.

Overall as a complete package it is just way beyond what the current troops in the game that are used in most peoples team have at their disposal to counter with any reliability.

Personally I don’t see how its mana is not 24 hell throw a 25 on there if anything should have the highest mana cost its something that can potentially remove over 50++ mana from the enemy team and then turn it into damage! Beyond that it may also need the Jinx to be removed. Courage again as in per bone dragon era adds to the problem in a big way with famine.

Alternatively I have always thought that his skill is technically mana burn and as such if its made to be a mana burn it has some trait counters specifically for mana burn and of course imprevious troops which would make it a lot more inline I feel.