Famine badly needs a nerf

Totally agree, with 2-3 surges it kills a troop and drains, it’s ridiculous, I don’t understand how the devs find this card balanced compared to other legendaries/mythics

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And why is it taking so long to be addressed bc when death knight came out people were all over it, but this can carry one for months, something has got to give,

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ime requires much less. If your troops are almost full, famine can dish 100 dmg

I’ve been saying it forever… used to be 1:1 and a 24 cost, and that was totally fine… 1:2 and 20 is stupid.


I couldn’t agree more

With the crappy rng favoring ai and endless casacades from exploders, sometimes I just have to walk awAy, then it is like hey I’ll try that team and it’s opposite. Hard to say it’s skill when it’s all luck of the sky falls.

Yes but I believe they changed it because there was backlash that he didn’t one shot enough troops and therefore wasn’t ‘mythic’ enough.

I don’t think they will change Famines traits OR full team mana drain as that is the way the character of the card has been portrayed.

It’s a pretty piss poor famine if your full stomach is now only half full instead of empty. :wink:

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I think they should just increase Famine’s mana to around 24. He can get charged far too easily. But, I don’t think he needs to get neutered to the ground either. It would be nice if base mythic troops can stay powerful.


He is the lowest mana costing base mythic right?

Famine should be 22-24 mana.
His spell should only do damage of the mana drained to one troop. I am fine with the draining of everyone’s mana but its the extra damage on top that seems to be the annoyance.
I also am fine with Jinx. He should still keep things that make him annoying and powerful.

IMO, the fix is raise mana cost and get rid of the xtra boost in damage and make it truly about famine…reducing their mana for 1 bomb.


Make his stat not do damage and have his attack actually reflect what a FAMINE is. Make it reduce a random skill on everyone by 10-15.

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Plague already reduces a random skill on all troops by a large amount.

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I was going to say that and you beat me to it :grinning:

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Yeah, and that is half the problem.

Famine is a destruction of something…plague is something that eats away at you.

The design if horrible imo.

Death and War were done right and fit their part.

Plague should have a spell all its own…similar to poison. That when cast…drains 1-2 skill points every round from everyone.

Famine should be an instant reduction of stats or mana.


If everyone asks themselves? Why do one lose a Guild War matches sometimes, it is because of Famine or Death Mark(DK), or a mix of it. Sometimes FG/Kerberos too. Death Mark gonna have a nerf soon, which many of us does not understand at all. And now people wants a nerf on Famine too? Then people will probably start to complain about FG/Kerberos too etc. a never ending train of whining!! Give me a break. In the end there is no losses in GW, but losses to disconnections/errors only. Is this the game people want? It might take ages before the CPU gets more clever.


Famine is a scarcity of food - so read mana drain in Gems of War. Famine makes you weak so read stat reduction on skill points. Once you’re weak obtaining food by your own means is much harder, hence Jinx (harder to obtain mana).

Plague (pests, disease) is something that causes widespread destruction. Hence, Plague poisons and diseases all and reduces skills on all troops.

So I don’t see the devs changing anytime soon to make them less Famine-ny as the card will no longer fit the backstory.


Draakulis is tied with Famine in mana cost.

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Imo he is no where near as useful as famine. So they needs to be a difference between them then

Im getting confused @santandrix. Why do u like my post when you want a Famine nerf?

Why not? Good points were made.


And maybe once I finally get that card I’ll be all about it.