Famine badly needs a nerf


Famines mana cost is too low and paired with jinx it is really hard to get anything up before he casts again. I was using Valkyrie/Draakulis in GW today and Famine managed to cast 3 times before I could fill Valkyrie the third cast killed her. Famine alone killed my Valkyrie, Draakulis, Void Portal and 4 summons. This is really killing the fun of Guild Wars to the point where I don’t even want to play it anymore.

Famines third trait is a bit too strong as well

AI getting too many drops on console, still?

So, raise mana cost to 24 and replace Jinx with Cursed?

Edit: Jinx is only a problem if there are multiple Jinxers on a side. It may be best moving forward if Jinx is limited to troops that are unlikely to see multiple copies used in competitive play.


personally i find ridiculous that it costs 20 mana to insta kill a troop and drain the survivors, while elemaugrim costs 26, death costs 24 etc.
I really can’t grasp how such thing can be considered balanced :confused:


A certain drug may assist if you’re having issues with getting something up…


I am I only seem to lose my guild war matches. When famine is involved. And I love it when they’re dragon soul can get the extra turns from explosions but mine never does, sometimes it does feel like a one-sided match that I can’t rage quit. Please nerf him immediately, especially when I have opened 2 million chests and still no famine, some cards I just don’t think the game wants me to have.


I don’t have War, if that helps…


I missing six cards yet and those are 4 of them.


Maybe Famines Jinx trait could be changed into something else. Maybe possibly take up her mana cost to 22. Personally I am not in for any more nerfs on the great troops of GoW, I do not want a Guild War were the winner team wins because they had the less errors/disconnections.


It needs to be 24 like the rest of mythical and drain half mana from all would be even better. It is a little ridiculous.


I am not in for a game where its easier to win than it already is. Some troops has to be great too.


Even at 24 mana cost and maybe his third trait doing a 2 stat reduction instead of 3 he will still be powerful it will just make it a bit easier to get somthing up to kill him before he starts spamming his drains and one shotting almost everything.


Famine is at the moment one of very the few reasons why we are able to lose a GW battle, PvP too. I do not want that to change, no. It is okay to lose sometimes too.


I lost a GW battle yesterday because Kerberos devoured my whole team. I also lost 2 the week before last to death mark when I accidentally killed deathknight before I stunned it.


We all lose Guild War matches from time to time, its fair to say that we win the most tho.


Losing 3 pts a turn when matches last what maybe 10 turns is not a lot.

The trick is to bring a front troop that won’t be affected too greatly if it loses magic stats, as that’s generally what pees people off.

Couple of the trolls (Dark and Rock) are good for this.


Also TSO, Psion, any colour changer, any mana drainer. As long as you can replace them with a summon it’s not too bad. Personally I also don’t mind famine as he is, mainly because he’s such a good counter in attack to the fast beast team, and to other mythic teams.


The three points a turn isn’t too bad when there is just one but with 2 or 3 Famines that can make a troop useless in less than 10 turns and with Famines constant draining and extra health and armor in GW battles can last a lot more than 10 if you don’t get lucky. I try to put less important troops up front but in GW it isn’t always possible.


“Make famine a common troop”


That’s if you can cast them before Famine drains them. I had a Valkyrie but I could only get one cast off before Famine starting constantly draining her. If Famine isn’t blocked he can be up again in a few surges and with his jinx Valkyrie takes 3 turns to get up.


Spell, Mana Cost and traits, everything in Famine screams for a nerf.

I do have famine fully traited, playing him is no fun, playing against him is no fun.

An interesting way to nerf him would be to (finally) bring some Mana Drain Immunity. Also consider (not for famine in particular) : true damage immunity and stat reduction / stat theft immunity. And, by all mean, do not fit them all together in impervious.