No Doubles of Mythics in Battles

This could solve many problems. Famine is a problem in itself as we all know but two or three of them create even more issues. I have many decks where double cards are important but maybe if base rarity mythics could not be used more than once in a deck. This could also apply to just guild wars. Anyways, just an idea. No need to bash me, just throwing it out there.


I really don’t think famine is as big a problem as people are making out? And to stop people using 1,2 or even 3 mythics in their team is not fair on people who have them cards. It makes the extra cards useless


My biggest problem with 3 famines are the drains to the first player. 9 reduced at each turn is brutal and no troop can withstand it, not even impervious. The only offense is a troop whose magic and attack are not considered as part of a team.


It wont make multiple famines useless on OFFENSE, but on DEFENSE there should be a limit. facing 2 or 3 famines in a defensive team is tiresome and begins to get boring like people cant be creative.

But you know why, its because its purely OP that’s why its always occurring. I beat these teams all the time, but its not enjoyable at all. I play games for enjoyment, I hope you do as well.


Agreed. End game should not be 1 of 3-4 teams EVERY time. It just gets old. Killing the game for me over the last few months.

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I disagree with this idea. The better solutions are to tone down Famine, or give us more effective counters, or both…

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Leaving this here:


9/10 depending on what level you are and what troops you use (for me anyway) my last troop will rarely get used. So put a troop with lots of armour and health up front that doesn’t block just to withstand the famine stat reduction, skull bait to stop mana generation. And you know the best counter to famine is famine himself :grinning:

Simple solution would be to not allow duplicate traits to have double effects. Make it a single effect only which would be a nerf to 2+ famines, but not famine itself. If there are duplicate traits only one of the traits will take effect.

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Simple, sure, but being simple doesn’t make it good. I’m not gonna dig through quotes at the moment but I’m fairly positive the devs said unique traits will happen in the future, but not apply retroactively.

You mean this?


If the developers would actually create a hard counter that worked reliably this ‘particular’ problem would disappear. A defender using 3 Famines would be quickly rolled over.

Look at something like Knights. Its has a basic counter of True Damage (dozens of troops) and hard counter specifically in BunnyNog. x2 Knight Damage with spell (plus bonuses Att & Life), x5 Knight Skull damage.

So because Famine likes to hide in the middle and back. The hard counter need to be spell damage heavy with a reasonable cost so Famine doesn’t win the Mana race.

What about exponential damage keyed to target’s ascension level, or even base rarity? 2^[ascension] would hardly scratch common troops, but 64 damage against a mythic is respectable…and it scales decently with game progression, unlike a number of the other mechanics.

Unfortunately There is no way to currently sort on base rarity, and its not display it on the troop. So that would be guess work for some players. In addition I’m really not convinced we need a general all Mythic killer troop.

Still players Invading need to be able to counter specific types of troops.

Mana drain is popular (Psion, Famine) on defend as there is no counter, and the AI can use it with ease. And all the other reasons listed in dozens of other threads.

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Famine, along with other yellow and daemon troops, already has you’re describing in Desdaemona. She is almost half Famine’s cost so not often would the player not charge her before Famine.

Bring a red generator in Hellcat (paired with FG for quick charge up) plus another red true damage troop like Crimson Bat, Draakulis, Tesla or Wight and Famine is toast in the first couple of turns.

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Famine is easy enough to counter in general PvP, sure… though I’d go for Gard’sAvatar, as Desdaemona doesn’t hit hard enough…

But apply your same logic to GuildWars?

This could only be viable if there was a 5 trophy battle that awarded 50% extra gold and a guild seal for victory. A special category in pvp. Warlord 4, mythic level troops only, no duplicates.
That’s my idea anyway.

Yes and No,
I’m fully aware of Desdemona. But I think you are believing the ‘hype’ of her abilities with out testing it yourself in the game. In her current state, you can not reliably use her in Guild Wars IF your goal is to actually win almost every battle.

She needs some ‘attention’ from the developers. And they need to add a few other friends of different Mana colors.

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Just like your example of Bunni’Nog, you cannot use him against Knights on days other purple and brown if you wish to maintain full bonus. So what kills knights quickly is true damage, this is also the same case for Famine, which has a high armour to health ratio.

I’ve already stated in another thread in a team I use her in she one shots the Famines I come up against.

Sure that would be great if you could convince the developers to give her even more awesomeness. Because other abilities like Daemon Slayer, Stealthy and Armour Piercing are also all non helpful traits in the current guild war meta.

So do you think she should be improved??

Give her 50% chance to Devour beasts

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