Famine too strong for Guild War? [SOLVED]

Is it just me or is Famine single handily ruining the whole Guild War experience? The majority of battles I fight are now against Famine 2x defenses. In standard PVP you can work around this troop set, but it’s next to impossible to consistently beat this set using color themed teams for max GW scores. I feel like I’m letting my guild down if I only score 3000-4000 points a day, but against Famine sets sometimes even that score is hard to achieve.
Making it even more frustrating is the whole have/have not issue. I’ve been playing this game actively in an active guild for a couple years now, yet despite opening thousands of chests I’ve yet to draw a Famine. Rather irritating when I encounter teams that have 2 or 3 of this same troop. Is Famine even still available in chests? If this overpowered troop isn’t to be nerfed, how about increasing the chances of drawing one so us have-nots have an opportunity to level the playing field.


It’s just you.


*takes a deep breath

Here we go again…

Answer to your first question, no it’s not ruining Guild Wars. I do have muiltple Famines, yet no Gard’s Avatar for me. Maybe I should start complaining that players with Gard’s can win more games per minute than myself? :thinking:

I also don’t have a copy of War, the first Mythic, yet I was part of a top ten guild for 8+months out of the past 12.

People need to reconcile that due to the nature of the drop system, you can not count on obtaining all troops.

And yes it is still available in chests…


Wow we get the same threads over and over. Famine is strong, but there are troops of every color to counter. There are several Mythics i still dont have. I recently got Draak, and from what i have seen, he can seem overpowered also. Plus if these cards werent so hard to get, it wouldnt feel as nice when you finally get one.

I think the main problem is other cards need to be raised to famines strength, not lowering famine down to it.


It’s not the nature of the drop system that I find frustrating. While I’m a little disappointed that I’ve only managed to collect 5 of the 14 mythics, I can field competitive lineups without Elamaugrim or Gard’s Avatar. I’m frustrated by the truly game changing abilities of Famine in GW and the inherent difference in defence strength potential between the have and have-nots.

The Famine Whiteknight Squad is on high alert these days, great reaction time!:thumbsup:


Famine isn’t too bad when there is one copy. Two copies can ruin your first troop in a matter of turns AND it wrecks your mana masteries, often turning the game into the long drawn out battle that Famine thrives in. But. I can regularly beat Famine in normal PVP, I think GW is where the problem lies.

Famine is usually made more irritating in GW with the (IMO terrible) system that encourages you to make a team of four same-colored troops, which means you likely don’t have a mana transformer for your team, and without your own Famine, the enemy’s untouched mana masteries mean he will surge often compared to you. Top that off with some colors just not having good troops (or you don’t have them or their traits,) and you can be stuck between a rock and hard place.

I’m NOT one of those people that use 4 of the same color. Bad system. I use 2-3 of the daily color and a mana generator that is usually off color. Have been doing this since just after week 1 where I was losing games to Famine and Devour/DM teams. Any day I go 5/0 I call a win, regardless of my “score.”


I field double famine on my defense today and I got 1-11 so far. Please buff famine, he’s too weak.


Oh are we already on the 'it is beatable therefore it is not overpowered’ fallacy? Normally that comes much later in these threads, FWS is killing it today!


@Murker you are not alone.
Many people don’t enjoy the effect of Famine on the game.
In fact, the reaction you provoked here is due to the fact that we get multiple new Famine subject each week.
You may want to do a search for Famine threads, you’ll find plenty, and find people on both sides of the fence.
The dev team recently made a minor adjustment to it by raising spell cost to 22. If you feel more is needed, then it’s ok to be vocal.
There are about 20 threads on this you could resurrect…

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There’s a fine line between annoying and overpowered. Old Maw and old BD was overpowered, Famine is just annoying.

I believe this famine outcry is just a collateral or side effect of Guild Wars. Some people just can’t take lose because this is finally a game mode where even lose a troop means something. Famine is a fine troop for a mythic and I don’t want him to get nerfed to oblivion because of that.


Now everyone realizing Famines overpoweredness is just a sore loser, don’t burn all your fallacies in the first couple of posts of this thread, it might go on a while!


You’re the one who said that, lol. Be careful, maybe you’re the one who got blinded by your overpowered-ness fallacy.

If having a spell more powerful than any other Mythic for less mana than any other Mythic is fine by you.

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Numerically it is easy to show it is overpowered, it is literally a 3-4 times Moloch, or a 2-3 times Psion. It does the same damage as equally costing mythics that do nothing but the damage, while Famine also drains 30-60 mana.
Anyways no point in pushing the issue anymore, enough people(who use it religiously) are content with the Status Quo, and the Devs showed already how they deal with this kind of situation when BD stayed in its overpowered state for many months.


Bring the old BD back so people will stop complaining about Famine!

If Famine gets nerfed, another troop will fill the vacuum, as this is the way it works.

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All mythic has other thing on their spell beside dealing damage.

Death: deal split AoE damage AND apply deathmark.
Plague: reduce all enemies skills AND apply poison and disease
War: deal massive single target damage AND gain extra turn if enemy dies.
Abynissia: explode board AND summon.
Gard: deal massive AoE damage AND burn and silence.
Wulfgarok: deal single target damage AND devour random enemy if the enemy dies.
Pharos Ra: deal massive single target damage AND gain soul.
It just Ketras who only deal damage on his spell. Maybe he needs some loves.

Have you ever experienced Famine only deal plain 24 damage? Pharos Ra, for example, his damage will never go down than his first cast.

Please elaborate.

No i have never experienced that. What’s the point here?

Ketras and Jotnar only deal damage who were the ones i was refering to, and no Ketras does not necessarily need a buff, the ability to oneshoot a troop is enough, no secondary effect needed.

As for your list are you really equating the gain of some souls to draining 30-60 mana in power? Then i understand your point of view much better now and also why discussing balance with you is absolutely pointless.

Anyways already wrote too much about this, as i mentioned there is no point in pushing the issue anymore, this is the Status quo and it will persist for months to come, so i’ma get back to poking fun at the whiteknighting and refraining from actually discussing it.

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Famine is not always draining 30-60 mana.

My point was, every troop has its own strength and weaknesses. Not every troop is good on defense, not every troop is good on offense, not every troop is designed for dealing damage, not every troop has ability to gain soul, etc.

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