Famine too strong for Guild War? [SOLVED]

I agree with Venar that Famine is more “powerful” than the other mythics. The mythics you described are generally doing damage to only one target or creating effects that can be countered with immunity or cleanse. His traits slow mana, drain first opponent and his spell casts faster than the other mythics and can’t be countered

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Ain’t that your intention in the first place? :slight_smile:

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Since actually discussing it has proven pointless, this is the only way i get a bit of fun out of the FamineX reign of doom. :stuck_out_tongue:


My issue with Famine is that he has 4 abilities that are all awesome.
halves enemies gem mastery
single target 1 shot most troops
drains everyone’s mana
drains 3 points per turn from first enemy troop

Individually these all are ok but wrap them up in the same troop and its OP and it is seriously affecting the enjoyment of GW.
Famine needs to be tuned down in line with other Mythics or create a rarity above Mythic and just add him to it as that is where his power level is compared to the other Mythics.


I have to agree with @ZooKeeper here… Famine is not OP he is mythic

Mythic should = OP

The problem is other mythics (im looking at you ketras) not being strong enough


I don’t believe “Mythic” should mean “OP.” If any card falls out of its power budget, then everyone will just use that card or that set of cards. Ideally, it would be as viable to use cheap but fast cards as effectively as the Mythic, expensive but slow cards in the right synergy.

I have no strong opinion on Famine in the current meta, but I don’t believe the right solution is to increase the strength of all Mythics to compensate.


Not all of them just a few

its not impossible to consistently beat Famine sets with GW resrictions. It is difficult to do it, which is fine. If it weren’t difficult then GW would just be about participation, the guild that has more players show up and get their 5 easy wins will win the day/week. The only reason it is so ubiquitous is because there aren’t enough other options that also make winning with the GW color restrictions difficult.


What also isn’t impossible is ramming a nail through your knee with a hammer, i’d try to avoid making that a part of any game though.

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The problem isn’t Famine per se, the problem is that the Guild War scoring rules heavily reward the defense teams for killing a single attacking unit; therefore, people will gravitate to things that are relatively likely to kill a single unit (like Famine’s ability, or Devours, or Death Marks). Sure, the defenders would ideally love to actually win since a single defense win drastically screws the attacker’s entire point gain for the day - but they’ll settle for at least killing a single attacker, since regardless of whether or not it’s actually true, Guild War points feel like they’re balanced on a razor’s edge and the difference between winning with 3 or 4 attackers alive is important.

Well, you could describe Gems of War as a game where players match gems to collect mana that will allows them to cast spells

So the entire games revolves around getting mana.
I consider a spell that completely remove all ressources from you entire team without exception or ways to stop it, the most powerful spell in the game.

In fact, I consider that Famine would be super powerful and annoying even without the damage part

Well that explains all the Ketras defenses.

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If Famine / Devour / Death Mark weren’t more likely to successfully kill a single unit, then there probably would be bunches of Ketras on defense, yes.

I’d argue over the course of a match in GW Ketras deals more average damage per shot and overall than Famine does, as Ketras actually gets quite a bit from the GW buffs.

Powerful spell, not troop right? I agree that there’s no game mechanic to counter mana drain at the moment but I heard they will change mana shield to protect from mana drain.

Will you also consider Manticore, Spirit Fox, Cockatrice, Khorvash, Nyx and other drainer as super powerful then? Yes they only drain 1-2 troops but their rarity is also below Famine. In term of damage, Famine is not always dealing 100+ damage or one shot enemy.

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The problem with Famine is not his spell at 22 mana cost, it is his spell at low cost combined with his annoying traits. Same as Kerberos in GW, not only does he devour your troop but also adds a troop.

Both Famine and Kerberos are very strong troops, especially Famine, cause there is no counter to mana drain all. Why do those two already strong troops need superb traits?

Nah, draining a single Troop is ok, you have 3 others to recuperate. Khorvash is just on the verge with 2 victims, remember, he was everywhere for a while and is only gone because Famine is better. The emperor is a strong Troop for sure. But not OP. Close. But you won’t see double Khorvash teams because the traits don’t stack.

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Equating Famine with troops that literally have half to a quarter of Famines effect, page one of the FWS Trainee book!

He was talking about mana drain as powerful spell. Is there any other mythic that can mana drain?

They are powerful in their own right yes but I think they are balanced far better then Famine is. But they are also low rarity so everyone at or near end game has them all and has them all fully traited. The best counter for Famine is Famine but not everyone (including poor me) has Famine.

I would be happy if they changed Famine’s third and first trait to something else.