Can someone explain to me why Famine's ability only costs 20?

He’s by far the best of all the horsemen and he has the lowest mana cost. In fact, he has the lowest mana cost of ALL the Mythics. What was the reasoning here? Seems really unbalanced


Wait, Plague is good?

News to me. Most people put him just barely above War, far under Death and Famine as the best two horsemen.

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Ok sorry guys, I completely messed this up lol. I did mean Famine, not Plague and his cost is indeed 20, not 22. So sorry for the confusion

I was wondering about that too. The explanation I heard was his spell was much weaker when they were originally testing him, so they lowered the cost, then they buffed his spell to one of the strongest and didn’t change the cost back up.

They lowered his cost from 24 to 20 at the same time they doubled his boosted damage. One or both of those needed not to happen. Could definitely cost 24 and I’ve been thinking as much ever since they did that.


Yeah, it’s really weird how they’ve made it so much better than the rest and are apparently ok with it


Emperor Khorvash says hello!


I’m sorry but even EK pales in comparison with Famine. For 6 extra mana you get:
-Drain all enemies instead of just 2
-Massive damage to a single enemy (usually enough to kill him instantly) instead of scattered damage;
-Brutal 3rd trait
-3 colors instead of 2

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It’s not about them being similar in power, it’s about them both being obviously overpowered compared to his peer cards.

I doesn’t appear they have any intention of fixing some of these things.

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I think they play it extremely conservatively when stirring the bits. It takes a pretty severe case of “broken” before they apply the nerf bat to anything Epic or higher.

Not even the most severe cases sometimes it seems…

I’m with @shimrra - balance-wise Famine’s spell just needs to cost a bit more.

Pretty shitty damage, for 20 mana, when there is no enemy mana around.

Which does occur.

Also gets weaker towards the end of battles. Where another troops spell power do not drop off.

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from my perspective famine is well balanced. you get enouch of chance/time to counterattack before it fills. also its damage is not much reliable

khorvash is a different story

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Draining 100% of all 4 troops’ mana is a ridiculously griefy ability.

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Famine is one of the worst troops to be stuck against at the end of a battle, especially if your last remaining troops have higher costs. He’s annoying early, but deadly later, when your options to deny him are limited.

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My main PvP team is EK/Mab/Valk/Famine (double yellow banner).
My main damage dealer there is Mab.
EK is there for finishing and controlling the first two opponents.
Famine is there for its third trait (which mostly helps by lowering the attack of the front troop) and as an “oh shit” button. It only gets fired if I’m in a bind.

Against the old M/M/DB/BD teams when I had to lose both EK and Mab I’ve often still managed to scrape out a win using just Famine. It will take ages ofcourse. But the fact that he drains everyone means I just have to focus on charging Famine faster than anything on the other side gets charged, and the double yellow banner helps there (obviously Valk is still available to soak up some skull damage and I typically leave her filled unless I can get skull drops from a transform without losing turn).

I can imagine Famine still being fine with either more mana required or the boost ratio reduced back. I’m just mostly glad to have him (one of my two mythics).

I would nerf his ability to drain ALL 4 opponents when using his attack. Ridiculously powerful (more like drain 2 opponents, like EK.)
OR increase mana cost so opposing team has a better chance to strategize and knock him out.