Is it time to remove mana drain/burn immunity traits?

Should mana drain/burn immunity traits be removed?
  • Hell yeah, I want both immunities removed right NOW!
  • Mana drain immunity traits should be removed.
  • Remove mana burn immunity traits only, please.
  • No way, I want limitations.
  • I don’t care at all, leave me alone.

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Easiest vote I have done. Big fat yes. Make Famine and Queen Mab great again!

Mana Drain, no
Mana Burn, yes. At this point, Mana Burn may as well be another way of minimal Boost Ratio. shrug

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Thanks for your input. Two more voting options available now.

Why you don’t want mana drain back? You are one of the hardcore players in GoW that plays 60 hours every weekend. I doubt you like limitations. For me it was quite fun to take down CPU before it got the chance to throwing off Famine. You then won instantly as most defense teams was based of getting off Famine. Also today it is a lot better attacking options than the past. But most importantly, it was GREAT fun to use Famine and invade with her before.

Perhaps you are giving Guild Wars too much power here(?), as why you wouldnt like to have Famine back in your builds. Guild Wars is every 4th week or so now, so it all should be fine.

For PvP all of us hardcore players had winning rates over 90 % when Famine before these annoying immunity traits arrived, IMO.

Its a lot less complicated than what you posted.

Just like how freezing “should” give you a fighting chance against looping, something “should” exist so you don’t get mana drained every few turns. That’s it, really.

I would say Famine is too slow for Guild Wars, but Brown isn’t exactly the hardest color to fill either. Famine’s damage might be too low though.

So what is the biggie here? It doesnt look for me that your reason above cover that you would had even minor problems if mana drain traits was removed?

BUMP. (5billion letters)

The “biggie” he’s talking about is game balance, as I read it :man_shrugging:

Mana Burn yes, Mana Drain no.

Mana Burn is barely a mechanic. When it was introduced it might have well just been called “Mab damage immunity”. Years later now, the only troop introduced to use the mechanic was Skadi, who then summons Mab. Mab has enough counters now where we don’t need entire groups of troops being wholesale immune to her spell damage.

Any meta that thrives on Freeze sucks to be sure, but Snap Freeze is the thing to worry about nowadays (along with Frostmage trait) where you don’t really have to lose anything to include it. Mab would still barely be relevant even without mana burn immunity existing.

I’m going to say what I say every time, if Mana Burn immunity for some reason needs to be a thing, it should block only the portion of the damage related to the targets mana, not the whole of the spell damage.